How many tables of chemical elements actually exist?


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How many tables of chemical elements actually exist?

Before you the classification of the chemical elements, organized on the basis of different properties of the elements of their charge of an atomic nucleus.

In 1869, Dmitri Mendeleev presented to the colleagues from the Russian chemical society a completely new version of the periodic table of elements. Since 150 years have passed. But Dmitri Ivanovich not the only one who managed to arrange the elements so that they showed the complexity of the structure of the universe and matter. A large number of researchers from around the world have tried their hand in the classification and organization of the 63 elements known at that time. Recall that to date discovered at least 118 elements, including attempts to rearrange them in the most strange and unusual table. In this article, you'll learn how unusual it may appear to us all the familiar and usual table.

Recall that the table of chemical elements Dmitry Ivanovich Mendeleyev presented the periodic law. Its modern definition is: properties of elements are in periodic dependence on the charge of atomic nuclei. At the time of writing, has published more than 500 variants of the periodic system of classification of chemical elements, which is associated with attempts to find solutions to some particular problems of its structure. The UN resolution 2019 was designated the International year of the Periodic table of chemical elements.

Periodic table of D. I. Mendeleev

Regardless of whether you love or hate her, you original Mendeleev's periodic table and, most likely, you always recognize it. This system of classification of chemical elements familiar to us from childhood and are ordered by atomic number, electronic configuration. It is necessary to note that it depends weakly on the chemical properties of the elements themselves. In this version of the table is less than elements, but it left space for a larger number of undiscovered elements, which – as shown by years of research – turned out to be a reasonable assumption Russian scientist.

All the familiar periodic table of chemical elements of D. I. Mendeleev

«Tower» of the chemical elements

Periodic table of ADOMAH in 2006 Valery Zimmerman. Instead of based on atomic numbers, structured around the four quantum numbers, electronic configuration, these four numbers are used to describe the location and movement of electrons inside the atom. the Idea originates from an older table of the engineer and the biologist Charles Djanet, according to an article in the portal, Science Alert. His work has reconstructed the elements according to orbital filling is the basic probability of finding the electron at a certain distance from the nucleus of an atom.

looks like ADOMAH periodic table

Spiral of the chemical elements

Spiral table of chemical elements created in 1964 by chemist Theodore Bentheim, looks very nice. Since the middle of the helix with hydrogen, it twists out in order of atomic number, before it divides into the transition metals, lanthanides, actinides, and still not open superactinide.


Flower Mendeleev

a Combination of chemical elemntov can capture the imagination, especially if you look at it from a different angle

It is Noteworthy that in this periodic table there are neither hydrogen nor helium. The first, painted in turquoise color section (or petal) contains the alkali metals on the front and alkaline earth metals behind. Other petals, in turn, contain other elements, grouped by their inherent qualities.

Tape periodic chemical elements

Below you can see a moving story: Called the periodic table of the twisted tape, the table created by James Franklin Hyde in 1975. Hyde was a chemist studying organic silicon, and because silicon was paid to the Central table (in the beige section in the middle of two circles), emphasizing the strong connection of this item with many other in the table.

Before you is a table of the chemical elements and their interactions.

However, the table still starts at the center of the right circle with hydrogen before the spiral out to different groups. Many colors underscore the periodic relations of the elements. Beautiful curves make this one of our favorite options, but it's also pretty intense. For the practical consideration of things check out this periodic table that tells you how to use these elements.


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