Protective face masks, cleaning the air — trend 2020?


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Protective face masks, cleaning the air — trend 2020?

climate Change forces people to adapt to new conditions. Protective masks in the future probably will become a necessity

In recent years, protective face masks are in high demand. This is particularly noticeable in the countries Asian-Pacific region, and is due, first and foremost, a high level . Thus, according to the world health organization (who), every year polluted air is a cause of premature death at least seven million people around the world. This is not surprising: the inhalation of polluted air increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, some cancers, and aggravates other respiratory conditions. The situation is exacerbated by rapid climate change, and forest fires that are raging in different regions of the world.

Protective masks now don't scare anyone

Some 10 years ago with a man in the protective mask surrounding tried to stay away from him. In those years the world was periodically observed outbreaks of SARS, avian influenza, pandemic influenza (H1N1) and other dangerous diseases. Today, the situation has not changed much — recently, we told you about in China and unknown disease that 44 people in China. And that's not counting the return of measles and outbreaks of coronavirus MERS-Cov, which was recorded in different countries of the world. However, our attitude towards people in protective masks has changed.

Now we are actively buying them at pharmacies. Latest news from the world of science and high technologies, please visit our

Perhaps the reason for the lack of fear of people in masks lies in the common habit — they have simply ceased to amaze us. But not only that. Rapid climate change caused by human activity has become particularly in the last decade. Photos of people in masks frequently appear in the news reports — whether it be forest fires or extreme air pollution. Moreover, popular among the younger generation, the band made the mask part of your image, paint them different colors, adding stripes and decals. As a result, in almost any city in the world you can meet young people in the now fashionable protective masks.

Rap artists Ayo & Teo set a fashion trend

How to clean air is a business

Recently, the company Atmos Faceware from Ao Air announced its intentions to solve the problem of polluted air. No, nothing drastic will not have to change — you need only to purchase the new device for $ 350. Gadget, who had just announced at CES, is a mask that, according to the company, provides the best protection from debris than standard masks certified by the National Institute of safety and health (NIOSH). According to the official , Ao Air believes the mask is a new and effective method of protection against contaminated air.

the Mask looks like Atmos Faceware

Writes , according to the developers, operation Faceware will not prevent facial hair, perspiration, and other factors. Moreover, the company thought about the design. So, masks Atmos Faceware transparent, rely on the bridge, allowing others to see your face, including the smile. The set includes a mask with four extra filters, and the number of new devices today, is very limited. However, despite the obvious benefits, not everyone can afford such a purchase. For comparison — mask N95, the most common NIOSH-certified mask costs about $ 15.

do you use masks? To discuss ways to protect your health from the problems caused by climate change are in

Meanwhile, already more wealthy people breathe clean air. The fact that, as a rule, are concentrated in areas with low income where people are more often confronted with environmental problems, natural disasters and climate change. Even if high-tech face masks are able to provide the best protection, they will only aggravate social inequality, as it will only be available to those who have in a Bank account is the largest amount. But regardless of our desires and opportunities, the world heats up. Fire season, according to forecasts of specialists, will gain momentum.

Residents of China are forced to walk in protective masks due to the excessively polluted air

Because of the drought caused by climate change, their intensity and duration will increase, thereby severely polluting the air. But it's not just the fires. Temperature rise, volcanoes, earthquakes, and dust storms will not make the Earth cleaner. Against this gloomy background, the production of masks is a logical and natural goal for many companies. It is not excluded that in the near future, protective face masks will be the same accessory as sunglasses. The question, as before, is equal to resources which, as we know today does not exist.


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