Virgin Galactic revealed the interior of the vehicle for space tourism


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Virgin Galactic revealed the interior of the vehicle for space tourism

Interior of a cruise ship Virgin Galactic looks futuristic,

In the coming years, founded by British billionaire Richard Branson (Richard Branson) Virgin Galactic wants to make tourist flights into space affordable entertainment. Anyone with a few hundred thousand dollars, will be able to sit in the spaceship VSS Unity and look at our planet from a height of 100 kilometers, and also to be in zero gravity. At the end of the approximately two-hour trip, the members of the flight will receive photos with the best moments. The first tourist flight was scheduled to perform in mid-2020, but this still has not happened. But, within the online events, the company Virgin Galactic showed the audience the interior of a spaceship VSS Unity. In short, it looks all futuristic and designers were trying to do "everything for people". The company representatives claim that they have thought through every detail, down to the recesses in the backs of the chairs for people with hair styled in a ponytail.

Space tourism to VSS Unity

The spaceship VSS Unity was presented in 2016 — the name "Unity" was invented by the famous physicist Stephen Hawking (Stephen Hawking). Since the apparatus has passed through many trials, one of which was conducted relatively recently, in early may of 2020. Then he rose to a height of 15.2 kilometers with the carrier aircraft VMS Eve is separated from him and successfully landed on the spaceport of the U.S. state of new Mexico. Probably, approximately so and there will be tourist flights: the ship will rise to great heights with the help of the carrier aircraft, to fly around the planet in about two hours and can fly.

carrier Aircraft VMS Eve, named in honor of the mother of Richard Branson, eve Branson

One flight will be able to go no more than six people, not counting the two pilots. The participants of flight will not only rich, eager of new experiences, but scientists — the company will accept bookings for flights which will be carried out scientific research. In June 2020, it became known that some tourists will even be able to go on a tour of the International space station. The cost of space travel was previously estimated at $ 250 thousand, which at the current exchange rate is equal to more than 18 million rubles. Very expensive entertainment, but the Deposit of $ 1,000 for participation in flight has already made 600 people. The first thing will fly into space by Richard Branson, but when it happens — is unknown.

the Space ship from the inside

Learn how to look inside the spaceship USS Unity was shown in the online broadcast. Some journalists were able to enjoy the views with , and all the rest was available to stream on YouTube.

Everything interesting begins with 10 minutes

As mentioned, in addition to pilots, the spaceship can accommodate six passengers. For them, the cabin is fitted with six seats out of lightweight carbon fiber and aluminum. Before the flight, each of them can be removed and customized to the individual preferences of the passengers. For example, on the back can make a hole for the hair collected in a tail.

Chair of the USS Unity

During the trip, the chairs change position, to provide people with a better overview of everything that is happening outside the ship. On the back of each seat has a LCD display, to sitting behind the person saw information about airspeed, altitude, level overload and other indicators. If necessary, a few chairs can be removed and instead install scientific equipment for research.

on the Left is scientific equipment

To secure each passenger seat is equipped with five seat belts with a common mount. During the flight people will be able to get away from the chairs and to go in zero-gravity — straps will be sucked into the chair, the passengers clung to them.

And here are the seatbelts and information display

Consider everything that's happening outside the vehicle using 12 Windows. The entire inner surface of the cabin is covered with soft material, so that passengers did not have even the slightest chance of injury. Lighting levels will vary depending on the situation — when it gets dark, the bulb will light up stronger.

the Location of the Windows inside the ship

Also in the cabin there are plenty of cameras that will shoot the brightest moments of the flight — for example, the first reaction of the passengers to view the Earth from space. The company also announced that it has installed inside the USS Unity for the largest mirror ever placed in space ship. It is designed to ensure that travelers have seen, what tricks they can do in zero gravity.

Cabin features a large mirror that allows people to see themselves in weightlessness, the company said.

Some of the photos and videos can be obtained immediately after the flight and all the rest after a while. Perhapsthe company wants to create attractive videos and to give travelers a small movies with his participation. But this is only a guess.

the First tourist flight into space

Basically, this is all that managed to show Virgin Galactic for a half-hour broadcast. When will the first flight is unknown. One thing is clear though — before this event the company will conduct some more tests of the ship. How would the interior of the ship not look cool, people's lives above all else.

as you probably know, Elon Musk is the interior of Big Falcon Rocket?

In Addition to Virgin Galactic, the development of space tourism wants to do and SpaceX. The company Elon musk is already suitable for the Big Falcon Rocket ship and even the first traveler — Japanese billionaire Yusaku of Maezawa. He recently launched a television shows Full Moon Lovers, in which . It would be cool if before the event SpaceX also showed the interior of his ship — it would be something to compare.


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