In the United States formed "the black river": how it is dangerous to fish and people?


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In the United States formed

"Black river" in the U.S. state of Arizona.

Recently, residents of the U.S. state of Arizona was watching a very scary show, which is usually characteristic of horror films. In an instant, across the dry Creek watershed Cañada del Oro, (Canada del Oro) started to leak a dark liquid that was like a mixture of water, soil and huge pieces of burned trees and other debris. It seemed that the sinister mishmash broke the surface of our planet straight from hell and will soon destroy all life in its path. Of course, the river has not burst out from the underworld, but the fact that it can harm the lives of animals in people at the moment, no one doubts. But where did this frightening mass and than it is hazardous? In fact, such a phenomenon can occur in any part of the world, especially in our difficult times.

Black river in the USA

About the unusual phenomenon was described in scientific . Dried drainage basin was filled with ominous weight of 15 July 2020 and some people were able to capture an unusual phenomenon on camera. Not even clear what one could compare this mess — as it looks like steaming lava . However, actually, it is a blend of rain water, burnt trees and debris that our planet is filled to satiety. According to the researchers, the resulting slurry, which began to spread over long distances, dangerous not only for animals but also for humans.

The Root cause of the black river is considered to be a forest fire that started after a lightning strike in one of the trees of the national Park Tonto. The fire occurred on 5 July for several days, the fire covered more than 48 377 hectares of forest. Distribution of fire was promoted by dry weather and strong winds. As a result of the accident was burned many plants, including grass, trees and even cacti. Engulfed vast areas of the earth the fire is strongly influenced by soil structure and freed from her various minerals and metals, which can be washed away with water and do not allow it to soak into the soil.

the Resulting fire is considered to be of the seventh magnitude in the history of Arizona

Unusual circumstances

During a fire in Arizona, the rains began — because the water could not soak into the ground, she began to accumulate on the surface. In a pretty powerful river, which began to bear for the remains of the burned trees and other debris that have met on its way. In the end, the water flow reached the aforementioned pool and the local residents managed to shoot a threatening mass on their cell phones.

According to the researchers, the resulting mass may harm the lives of many aquatic inhabitants. The fact that once in the water where the fish live, this mix reduces the level of dissolved oxygen in them. Moreover, in contaminated water , which themselves absorb a lot of oxygen. In the end, the fish and other water inhabitants becomes unbearable. Moreover, in turbid water they can't hunt, which increases the risk of death from starvation.

"Black river" can cause mass death of fish

Also formed after the fire and heavy rains dirty river falling into the reservoir, which are connected to the houses of local residents. Such water is difficult to clean, so people risk to remain without drinking water. Fortunately, in this case, people are in no danger, and reports of dead fish yet. This phenomenon may occur at any point of our planet, especially in the current times when forest fires are not uncommon. We can say that the whole 2019 for us , which raged for months in Siberia, Australia, and other parts of our planet.

The Above "black river" was formed by nature itself and is quite rare. Often dangerous rivers and streams formed due to human activities, namely their mistakes. Recently in Norilsk there was a major oil spill, but similar disasters in human history were many. On the largest of them can be read .


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