What is the difference between S-300, s-400 and what else are air defense system


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What is the difference between S-300, s-400 and what else are air defense system

Such a thing can bring down almost any rocket.

In recent years, increasingly in the press, the Internet, radio or TV to hear about the s-300 and s-400. On the one hand, everything is logical. S-400 is probably better, since the figure is more here but it's better than how she better do it at all? And there are also s-500, American Patriot and other air defense systems. Let's see how they differ, and talking about serious guys in uniform, when appealing these names.

What defense?

First, let's define what a defense. Almost certainly all know what it is, but when it comes to decryption, here, as my teacher for literature, ”who in that much.” In fact, the transcript derived from the purpose of these systems.

Such systems have to deal with any threat posed by flying objects, be they missiles, aircraft or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVS). First and foremost, this is a defensive system, but in rare cases they can be set to work at ground targets. However, their effectiveness in this case will be very low and for these purposes it is better to use a separate system designed just for that purpose.

The most well-known air defense systems include the s-300 and s-400, standing on duty in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, China, Kazakhstan and some other countries. In NATO countries the wide popularity of the Patriot, produced by the United States. There are less known systems, like the Iranian Bavar-373 and the Israeli I-Dome.

the Iranian air defense complex Bavar-373

The Complex air defense system called because it includes not only defeat the enemy, but also early detection systems. Most often the system itself is mobile and can quickly relocate to another area of fighting. Also it is very convenient when you deploy the temporary database in a remote area. For example, the Russian and American air defense systems that cover the appropriate bases in the Syrian Arab Republic.

What is different ABOUT the defense from

You can Often find mention of two systems with different abbreviation. Someone calls the defense, and someone ABOUT. The truth, as usual, is somewhere in between.

The Definition of defense has already been given above, and the definition of PRO as follows:

Based on the definitions, it turns out that defense is just an extended version of ABM? Not quite. Small differences and specifics are still there, but in General, systems have a similar purpose, just ABOUT used to combat missiles, and air defense covers all air targets, including drones, bombers, transports and fighter jets.

Such a beauty to shoot down do not want. Unless you know that she'll be held.

In the narrow-minded view of a missile defense system are only systems . In fact, their use is not confined to this direction. For example, protective tank and ship protection systems against missiles are also included in the complex ABOUT how airborne protection system.

The level of coverage of the missile defense system are divided into territorial, zone and object. First protect the entire country, second to protect a certain region, and some need to protect specific objects or pieces of equipment.

History of air defense

Now the air defense system are mainly missile oriented. At first it was a small system. For example, the first Russian system for combating air targets was created in 1891 and was a shrapnel gun.

This is the year in the Red the Village held the first test of the system against air targets. Shots were fired at the balloons tied to the horses that pulled them. The efficiency of the system was noted as high, but it was decided to create a specialized weapon to protect the airspace.

So in 1914 came the first 76-mm gun, called the 3-inch gun protivoyazvennoe of the Lender or reserve is home—the Lender or 8 K. In the same year, after the formation of the Petrograd of the first corps of air defence, believed and were air defense forces.

this was the first weapon specifically designed to combat air targets.

The First gun could fight against objects at altitudes of up to 3,000 metres. Then it was a maximum flight altitude of airplanes. They are on two lines from the city. First at a distance of 30-40 km and the second at a distance of 6-15 km.

Naturally, there are no early warning systems did not exist and the only way wasobservers. For early detection used intelligence and listening to the conversations of the enemy. Later this system was called ”Radio telegraphy defense of Petrograd”.

During the Second world war, the protection of airspace used by all parties to the conflict. Often it was a powerful machine guns, which proved highly effective in such conditions. Especially when it was necessary to cover the infantry. System was placed on self-propelled and successfully covered the troops from the attack from the air. Hand-controlled machine guns gave the preference, despite the presence of while simplest systems homing. They were the simplest because of its Zacatecas. In fact, they were very sophisticated for that time and could determine the direction of approaching enemy aircraft.

As an example of the effectiveness of air defense of that time you can give is that the allies lost an estimated 40,000 aircraft. They were all shot down by the German defenses.

The s-300 is different from s-400?

As in the case of missiles, the obsolescence of air defense systems is evident not so much. For example, the s-300 was developed and adopted in the early 80-ies of the last century. Of course, they have not once been modified and improved but it still has a lot of years. During this time they received both land and naval version and was delivered in a large number of countries. Some of them are still on duty.

You Can even note that , like s-300PMU2 ”Favorit», is still supplied in some army in the world and in General can even lead a successful fight against fourth generation fighters. The fifth generation is unlikely to be them in the teeth because of the wide possibilities of the radar against these aircraft.

Car s-300 in motion

The Way of receipt of s-400 ”Triumph” on the arms began in 2007. The complex was developed as a means of countering existing and promising means of air attack potential enemy. These complexes also are adopted by the different countries of the world, but have a more impressive performance.

For Example, the s-400 can run at the same time with 80 goals, producing on each of two rockets (a total of 160 missiles). Thus, target detection is possible at altitudes from 5 meters to 30,000 meters, and the range is 400 kilometers. Target detection is possible at distances up to 600 km. Thus, the system can operate with cruise missiles, aircraft and helicopters . And hypersonic missiles, the speed of which is several times the speed of sound in a matter of minutes can reach the goal and destroy the object.

One of the modifications of the machines of the s-400

One of the main differences from legacy versions of s-300 is a more impressive performance characteristics. S-300 could work with up to 36 targets (two missiles at the target), a range of lesions was not more than 195 km (for modified versions, about 250 km), the height of the work was less and often required reinforcements in the form of a separate radar systems.

In addition, the C-300 had less versatility and even had some modifications that are better able to cope with planes or missiles.

What is the system s-500

More than new system s-500 ”Prometheus” is a successor of s-400 in the next 10 years will have to gradually change it on duty. Until the complex passes final test, but its specifications must be much more impressive than its predecessors.

For Example, the range with targets will be up to 3,500 kilometers, which would make it very effective at defending against medium-range missiles. The speed of your own missiles will be 5 swings, and can bring down not only the helicopters, planes and unmanned aerial vehicles, but also Intercontinental ballistic missiles in their final flight phase and some secondary phases. In some cases it is even possible detection of a missile launch and its destruction on the most vulnerable initial phase of flight.

While talking about the real application of new complexes, but the JSC "EKO Concern "Almaz-Antey"" involved in the development of this system, claims that a part of the complex has been created and is now actively tested.

What are the air defense system

Above was already given examples of complexes of air defence around the world. To focus on the characteristics of each separately is not necessary, as they are more less similar. This is what allows the balance of forces from aerial attack and defense. It should be noted that the development of air defense systems is very complex and produces only a small number of countries. The rest of them simply buy and this export is one of the most impressive of any state offering such developments on the broader market.

In addition to the major systems that operate on far and fast goals, there is a more simple design. They are more mobile, do not require such a large number of personnel and can operate in the existing air defense system. One of the important tasks of light complexes is the protection of the more serious air defense systems long range, the use of heavy missiles which do notmake sense upon reflection attack light drones.

Car modification of the Pantsir-S1 on the basis of the KAMAZ vehicle with the wheel formula 8x8

In Russia, the most famous complexes of this class is self-propelled air defense missile-gun complex (zrpk) Pantsir-S1. His crew is only 3 people, and the deployment time, not to exceed five minutes. Response time is 4-6 seconds, and the distance of target tracking to 30 km at a detection distance of 36 km.

Speed should not exceed 1000 m/s, and for struggle there are 12 missiles (modification of missiles may vary) and the coupled antiaircraft machine gun caliber 30 mm with the stock 1400 shells.

As you can see, the system is suitable for cover or attack, or for the protection of more serious tools, working in tandem. It can be installed both on wheeled and tracked self-propelled machines, providing greater mobility and range of several hundred kilometers. In addition, there are various modifications, which performance characteristics may be slightly different from the above.

At the moment, the Pantsir-S1 is the most advanced complex air cover short range. Analogues of it are not many and the main one is the Chinese FK-1000. However, late last year announced a new type of such weapons in the United States.

self-Propelled anti-aircraft missile and gun complex IM-SHORAD

The New system is called IM-SHORAD. The base platform will be the Stryker A1. It is able to provide maneuver brigade combat teams fully “detect-identify-track-to win.” In light of the significant complications of combat in the background of the emergence of a large number of small, almost imperceptible, but dangerous , having such a system in the army is a must.

The Exact characteristics of the system yet, but most likely they will be similar to the characteristics of the complexes Pantsir-S1.

Once again we get the balance that is the key to relative peace. The problem is that the largest manufacturers of weapons will be developed new types of weapons or modifications of existing systems. At this point, the pursuit of balance turns into an arms race. Continue to not speak. I have already said all fiction writers. Let's hope they're wrong. In any case, I wish the system was more powerful defense systems attack. Otherwise...

deep In the mine that year.
Lurks a beast of snakes.
Nerves of steel, steel on flesh,
The steel grip of the claws.
He is saving his strength, lazily waiting,
Pointing to the sky radar.
One mistake, accidental takeoff
And the inevitable blow.
the Group Aria, the song ”Will and mind”


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