Space will send a new parcel for aliens with "human" music


2019-03-21 23:00:10




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In 1977, the spacecraft Voyager in space Golden plate, which recorded greetings in 55 languages, music from all corners of the world, nature sounds and encoded image. It is expected that someday she'll be able to listen to a civilization from a distant planet, but the Institute for the search for extraterrestrial intelligence believes that since music has changed, and the aliens should send more modern music. To implement the new ideas she launched the project "Earthling", in four phases which will create compositions that will represent all of humanity.

In charge of the project are composer Felipe Perez Santiago and astronomer Jill Tarter. According to the authors, today people have the opportunity to write the same music in spite of the distance, and it would be foolish not to take advantage of this opportunity and not to write songs that will bring together representatives of all the peoples of the world.

Creating a composition will take some time, as the project is divided into four stages. The first step SETI is a collection of vocal songs about the birth, life and death. They will be filled with people from all over the world — will be selected those samples that best reflect the cultural affiliation of the person.

The Voice — this is the first way that humans began to create music.

Felipe Perez Santiago composer

In the second stage the musicians will perform a song entitled "Earthling," in which the vocal recordings will be combined with space sounds, electronic synth and singing to a live band. The concert will be given on-site telescope in Northern California and streamed live.

The Third stage is a cooperative effort between professional and non-professional musicians to create music out of all genres, with samples of the open platform.

Genres — it's just a separation border. Having access to technological tools, we are destroying them. Someone in Asia can easily work with someone in America — they just sit and make music without any boundaries.

In the fourth stage, the researchers intend to develop and release the app with which to compose my music can anyone. As the samples again will be used the sounds from the open database.

Once all steps are successfully completed, the resulting music will be collected, recorded on the new Golden record and sent into space. The first phase, in which SETI will collect vocal records worldwide, will begin this year. Not to miss this moment, you can subscribe to notifications .

You must have something to say about the new SETI — your opinion feel free to share in the comments. To discuss the topic more, as always .


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