In 2023, NASA sent to the moon Rover


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In 2023, NASA sent to the moon Rover

The space Agency has officially announced plans for the construction and sending a Rover to the moon's surface the Earth in 2023. This will be the first stage of the programme to return US to the moon, according to the portal with reference to the representatives of the Agency. Earlier, the us space Agency said that in 2028 the earth's satellite, planned to send a manned mission.

"We would like as quickly as possible to send a Rover to the moon. Our goal is 2023", — results words Steve Clarke, Deputy Director of science division of NASA.

It will be big enough Rover, whose mass is from 300 to 500 pounds. The Agency plans to engage in active study of the poles of the moon and the new Rover will have to help in this matter. Earlier, the orbiters found hints of the presence of clear ice on the bottom of many dark polar craters.

"We'll definitely send it to one of the poles of the satellite. Focused on long-term, multi-month job," — said Clark.

Manned space exploration and the return of the man on the moon became one of the priorities of NASA after the change of the US government in the elections of 2016. The last time an American President Donald trump and the head of the space Agency NASA Jim Bridenstine often make presentations on plans for the construction of a lunar orbital station Gateway, future manned missions to the satellite and the creation of a permanent infrastructure on the moon.

To restart the program for lunar exploration, NASA has chosen a new approach: program implementation is planned to be made by private contractors. To do this, in November last year, the Agency collected 9 leading private space companies, with which NASA plans to deliver some of their machines to the moon in the coming years.

Under these agreements, NASA in the next 10 years will be eligible to send an unlimited number of landing modules, Rovers and other "goods" to the moon. For the implementation it is planned to allocate 2.6 billion dollars.

Originally, Clark and other leaders of the space Agency hoped that the first scientific instruments to be sent under this agreement at the moon this year. Speaking at the Conference for the study of the moon and planets, which currently takes place in Texas the-woodlands, he talked about some of the changes in the lunar projects.

For example, the Agency intends to focus its efforts on the creation of the first full moon Rover, whose main task will be to find water on the earthís companion and an assessment of its overall reserves. If NASA will be able to implement this idea, then in 2023 the United States will become the fourth country after Soviet Union, China and Israel, which will carry out a soft landing mobile automatic station on the satellite.

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