On Jupiter have more water than previously thought. What does this mean?


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On Jupiter have more water than previously thought. What does this mean?

The first details on Jupiter were obtained by the probes Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 in the late twentieth century. Today they were replaced by the NASA spacecraft Juno, which is the second interplanetary probe mission . The Juno launch on 5 August 2011. The purpose of the mission is to study gravitational and magnetic fields of the gas giant, as well as checking the presence of Jupiter's solid core. Recently, having studied the obtained data, the researchers found that the amount of water in the atmosphere of Jupiter, more than previously thought. A study published in the journal .

How much water is in the gas giant?

The Amount of water on Jupiter has interested scientists for decades. Water — the most important molecule for the development of life. But it is important not only because of our tireless , different from earth, but also because it is a key element for the formation of worlds. Consequently, to figure out exactly how much water on Solar system planets it is necessary to understand what theories of planetary formation are the most accurate. Recently we told you that studying the most ancient asteroid of the Solar system “Arrarat”, astronomers generally accepted a theory of the formation of planets.

space station Juno approaching Jupiter

Now researchers have provided the transcript data collected interplanetary spacecraft Juno, on the amount of water in Jupiter's atmosphere. It turned out, the water on the equator is much more than expected by experts. These data indicate that formed in the merger of a large number cometophobia objects. Recall that in December 1995, NASA launched the Galileo probe to collect data about the amount of water in the gas giant. The data obtained suggested that water on Jupiter quite a bit. However, the measurements Galileo was not completed because the device is out of order. At that time, researchers believed that the atmosphere of a gas giant there is no water and ammonia. However, when the Galileo probe into the atmosphere of Jupiter, it found no traces of water, however, as the immersion in the atmosphere its concentration continued to increase.

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As the authors of the study, data showed that water in the gas giant has more than shown by the probe Galileo. Moreover, the atmosphere of Jupiter is not very well mixed, and all that is much below the clouds, the largest planet in the Solar system is a mystery that in the future only will solve. No one would have guessed that water can be so changeable all over the planet.

Why is this important?

Jupiter in the lens of the probe Cassini

Researchers have long been interested in — full of mysteries the moment when the planets were formed in the Solar system. The exact amount of water in the gas giant has interested scientists since it is very likely that Jupiter — the first-formed planet, which contains most of the gas and dust that was not included in the composition of our star. Moreover, the amount of water is also important for weather and structure of Jupiter. Juno will continue to rotate around the gas giant until July 2021, after which the station will disintegrate in the planet's atmosphere, as a research probe Cassini Saturn.

Changeable clouds of Jupiter in the lens Juno


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