Astronomers have discovered a "hot Jupiter" which orbits very close to the native star


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Astronomers have discovered a

Each year, astronomers discover many new exoplanets. Some of these distant worlds covered with ice, while others are in the habitable zone. It is possible that on some earth-like planets have life. However, there are other "hellish" worlds — on such exoplanets, the temperature may reach the highest possible value. Recently, at a distance of 1060 light years from Earth, researchers have discovered a planet that should not exist — the gas giant NGTS-10b. It is "hot ", which orbits so close to the star makes a full rotation around her for 18.4 hours. Not surprisingly, this exoplanet is of great interest to scientists. Their findings, the researchers shared in a paper published in the journal .

Why hot Jupiters are interested in scientists?

Hot Jupiters — amazing exoplanets. The same gas giants, like worlds in our Solar system, these objects move very close to their suns. The orbital period of hot Jupiters around stars-the home usually is less than 10 days. According to the modern models of formation of planets such Jupiter should not exist. The fact that the gas giant may not be formed so close to its star, because gravity, radiation and intense stellar wind needs to keep the gas from clumping. However, of the more than 4,000 confirmed , detected to date, to 337 can be a hot Jupiter.

Researchers believe that these gas giants formed in their planetary system and then migrated closer to the star. Today, we may not know much about how they are born, but hot Jupiters, which are particularly close to their stars, can tell a lot about the interaction of stars and planets. Therefore, these objects are among the least studied exoplanets in the galaxy. In the past it was found only six hot with an orbital period of less than one day.

a Huge number of planets in the galaxy consists of gas, but only hot Jupiters revolve so close to the stars

In the period from 21 Sep 2015 to 14 may 2016, the researchers observed the star NGTS-10 for 237 nights. A detailed study of the images is then allowed to establish that the star dims slightly every 18.4 hours. The problem was that the light of nearby stars makes it difficult to calculate the exact distance to NGTS-10, so the distance in 1060 light years was calculated on the basis of data — the most accurate three-dimensional maps of the milky way galaxy to date. But the error still exists. If the distance specified is not correct, this may indicate that some data on the size and weight are also wrong. This problem can be solved by examining the following publication of Gaia data.

Why the hot Jupiter is doomed?

Continued monitoring of unusual solar system can detect the decay of the orbit . Researchers believe that the orbit will shrink by 7 seconds over the next 10 years. If astronomers can obtain an accurate measurement system that can see as it happens.

the Existence of hot Jupiters — the real mystery for astronomers


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