Discovered strange repeating signal from space


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Discovered strange repeating signal from space

Fast radio bursts (FRB)- one of the most mysterious signals from deep space. These little-studied outer space messages from distant stars and black holes, most often characterized by its unpredictability, jumping on the Universe for no apparent reason. As the portal , one of these incredible interstellar signals, scientists were able to detect 500 million light years from Earth. Repeating every 16 days, the alarm unwittingly makes us think of its artificial nature. Maybe our “brothers in mind” still found?

Radio signals aliens

Since the transfer of the first synthetic signal from the Ground has been more than 120 years. During this time, radio waves were able to successfully overcome the tens of millions of kilometers of space and be heard by representatives of some neighboring Land. However, no matter how much we aired into the Universe of radio and TV signals, no matter how much we send to space, special devices to search for aliens, we still never found someone who could share the lonely fate of mankind in the infinite Universe. Or found?

One of the most unexpected finds of the XXI century was the discovery of the fast , which is repeated on a regular cycle every 16 days. The signal, named FRB 180916.J0158+65, actively playing for four days and then goes quiet for 12 days. After almost two weeks of absolute silence, a quick signal is repeated again.

Currently, the origin of the repetitive signal is not amenable to any attempts at a satisfactory explanation, although it is known that fed-flashes are flashes of energetic radiation in the RF spectrum that do not last more than a few milliseconds. During this time they can emit as much energy as it can create hundreds of millions of stars, the Sun.

New repeated radio signal comes from a powerful energy source whose luminosity can reach the intensity of millions of Suns.

Much To the surprise of the scientists involved in the study of FRB-flashes, the canadian collaboration of researchers CHIME announced the discovery at the end of 2019, another nine new powerful sources of interference, bringing the total number of such relays reached 10 sources FRB signals.

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The Discovery of the 16-day periodicity in the recurrent signal source can be an important key to understanding nature , the likes of which we haven't seen in the observable Universe. Experts believe that the newly detected object may be very different from the familiar space of the formations that demonstrate the periodicity. In addition, the signal FRB 180916.J0158+65 is one of the few fast signals, whose place of origin was traced modern equipment. Thus, the signal source is located on the outskirts of a spiral galaxy 500 million light years from us.

In this case, what can be a repetitive signal from a distant galaxy? Scientists believe that the source of such a powerful radiation is unlikely to be an artificially created object, as flash FRB radiation is in the region of starburst, where future young stars. The most likely candidates for the title of a powerful source of radio signals may, in this case, Magnetar or black holes with stellar mass.

Despite the perfectly rational explanation possible of the nature of FRB signals in the area causing their found objects and much weaker radio signals whose presence was barely registered by modern equipment. In this case, perhaps the mystery of the mysterious signal is still waiting for its discoverer?

a Strange signal is 500 million light-years from Earth repeats every 16 days. What or who is his reason?


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