How long it takes to do a run to extend its life?


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How long it takes to do a run to extend its life?

Scientists have proven many times that running increases life expectancy

Running is a great sport for those who do not want to spend money on sports equipment, because it requires that a good running shoes. Previously, scientists have confirmed that running is capable of , but in addition, while Jogging you can see many beautiful landscapes like the bright and morning dawn. Perhaps that is why some people in the morning and rush to put on your running shoes and conquer the next mile. But especially to push yourself to get the benefits of Jogging, as it turned out, not needed — enough to run for a few minutes a day.

This, at least, are sure Australian scientists, the opening of which recently told the publication . According to the calculations of journalists, at the moment in Australia there are more than 1.35 million fans of Jogging, and it is 7,4% of the population. Supporters runs fully and in Russia — the exact statistical data on this, but you've probably seen performing his morning run on the way to work.

you May do like Jogging? Please tell us about your experience and feelings in the comments or in is very interesting!

the Benefits of Jogging

The benefits of running for human health there is no doubt, because it is many times argued, scientists from different parts of the world. For example, in the log says that Jogging reduces the risk of obesity, high blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and also the occurrence of heart disease and cancer. In addition, physical activity increases the endurance of man and gives courage.

Sometimes running helps to maintain the health

Many people probably think that to get the benefits of running you need to travel long distances, but it is not so. Scientists from the University of Victoria (Australia) examined data of more than 230 000 people aged 5 to 35 years, about 10% of them regularly ran. At the beginning of the study 25 951 people from the sample were already dead, and most of them almost never ran.

running pretty low entry threshold — this sport can do everything from small to large

According to scientists, runners run the risk of dying from cardiovascular disease by 30% less than everyone else. They also found that running reduces the risk of cancer by as much as 23%. Moreover, to achieve this effect do not need to spend a lot of time to workout — enough 50 minutes of running a week. Think this is great news for those who have constantly not enough time for sports. Because during the day it is possible to find 10 minutes for a small jog?

Incidentally, due to the lack of a single gene

To Run at breakneck speed is not necessary. According to researchers, the optimum speed is about 13 kilometers per hour. But if someone is not looking for easy ways and wants a good sweat, please — by increasing the speed and distance the level of use is not diminished, but it becomes more.

If you want to quickly and tirelessly to overcome long distances, try

How to start running in the morning?

Just be warned — to run a few kilometers at high speed on the first day is not worth it. Not only that, you can get tired to such an extent that you will not want to repeat the race again, so still can injure your body. About the danger of too severe training can read on our channel .Zen — we recently wrote about the players .


The researchers Also suggest to start Jogging, not alone but in company. In any city there are probably fans run in the morning, to find which it is possible in social networks. At least you can show this article to your friends or relatives and perhaps the next morning you will wear sneakers and take to the treadmill. And don't forget to include the invigorating music like that which sounds in the video above!


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