Found new health risks associated with Smoking


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Found new health risks associated with Smoking

Smoking may be more dangerous than we thought

About the dangers of Smoking has already been said a lot. There is a sufficient evidence base, as well as the weight of scientific research on how tobacco use affects our body. However, almost all previous studies focused mainly on the study of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. But new data obtained by scientists from the UK suggests that tobacco smoke can carry far greater danger than we thought.

How Smoking affects the body

A New study published suggests that Smoking tobacco can increase the risk of depression and schizophrenia. To this conclusion scientists came together with their colleagues from the Bristol biomedical research centre (BRC) and local Department of epidemiology.

It is Well known that it is much more common among people with mental illness — especially in patients with depression and schizophrenia. However, most studies that have examined this relationship, not helped to understand what is the root cause. Does mental illness the chance of Smoking, or Smoking itself is a risk factor for mental illness?

In order to find out, the team used an analytical approach called Mendelian randomization. This method allows to draw conclusions about causality based genetic variations and predispositions that can cause disease. For this you need to conduct mapping of human genes, and such information, scientists have been. After analyzing the data 462 of 690 persons of European origin (including 8% of smokers and 22% former smokers), the experts came to the conclusion that tobacco Smoking increases the risk of depression and schizophrenia.

People with mental illness are often overlooked in programmes to reduce Smoking prevalence, — says the study's lead author Dr. Robin Wootton. But our work shows that we should make every effort to prevent Smoking and promote Smoking cessation because the negative consequences for both physical and mental health.

All the people whose data was used for the experiment were divided into 3 categories — non-smokers, smokers and those who quit Smoking. In the end it turned out that the second and third groups had signs of depression (and in some cases of schizophrenia) are 2.2 times more likely than those who did not smoke at all. In this case, interestingly, the duration of tobacco use did not play a role.

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As stated by scientists, even after a minor period of the abuse of tobacco, after some time, people symptoms anxiety disorders. The opposite is true when the mental balance has led to the use of tobacco is practically not observed. So if you smoke — dramatically drop this habit and replace it with something useful. For example, communication in our

Of Course, this study is based primarily on statistical data, but the authors emphasize that the relationship between the psychological sphere and the tobacco is definitely there. This paper pushes scientists to launch a full-scale study on the effects of products of tobacco smoke on the development of mental disorders than the experts and plan to do in the near future.


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