No longer do the laws of physics to work on the edge of the Universe?


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No longer do the laws of physics to work on the edge of the Universe?

What do you think the laws of physics in the Universe work the same way and was it always thus? The results of a new study suggest that in the first age of the Universe the value of one of the most important fundamental constants – the fine structure constant – a number that, as is, remains unchanged and describes how subatomic particles interact with each other – in the far reaches of space was slightly different. The resulting number, the researchers said changes in the area of the most remote quasars – the brightest class of astronomical objects in the Universe, which are considered to be its outer boundary. Sounds pretty confusing, so let's try to understand what was going on and why this discovery could radically change our understanding of space.

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Now, scientists from the University of NSW found inconsistencies in the constant of fine structure in remote corners of the Universe. The fine structure constant describes the force that acts on the subatomic particles with an electric charge, like protons and electrons inside of atom are attracted to each other. A study published in the journal , showed that the number changes when the researchers analyze the most distant quasars, however, only when looking in certain directions. a This means that the edges of the Universe the laws of physics can be violated.

Not only that, universal constant seems annoyingly fickle at the external borders of space, it only occurs in one direction. But back to quasars: studying light from distant quasars, the scientists thus study the properties of the Universe as it was billions of years ago. Yes, the early stars would have formed, but galaxies was not, as the population of stars in the night sky not to mention planets. Observing the quasar J1120+0641, the astronomers tried to track the differences in the value of the fine structure constant.

the Light from the quasar J1120+0641 need as much as 12.9 billion years to reach our planet

In fact, scientists have long been concerned about whether the laws of physics in the Universe always such as we know them. Indeed, in the first moments of the existence of the universe, the universe expanded quickly unexplained. It is logical to assume that the laws of physics of the young Universe could have been different from modern, and you can only find out by tracking the constant of fine structure.

After Analyzing the location of certain «dark» lines in the spectrum J1120+0641, the study authors concluded that the lines show the unit of energy level in different types of atoms. They can be used to calculate the value of associated fundamental constants with high precision.
To measure its value is managed using a highly sensitive spectrograph X-SHOOTER mounted on the VLT optical telescope. With this tool, astronomers were able to measure the value of the fine structure constant in the four most remote from us the parts of space through which the light passed from J1120+0641. It turned out that in the early Universe the value of this fundamental constant is really was. But what does this mean?

Strange universe

As written , it seems, the results support the idea that the Universe might exist the direction of. This is very strange – if in the Universe there is some direction or preferred direction in which to change the laws of physics.

it is believed that the Big Bang marked the beginning of the Universe and since then it is expanding with acceleration

We can look back 12 billion light-years and measure electromagnetism, when the universe was very young. If all of these things put together, it turns out that electromagnetism increases as we look further, while in the opposite direction and it gradually decreases. In other directions of space, the fine structure constant remains that constant. These new, very far measurements have advanced our observations further than ever before.

UNSW Science Professor John Webb

If in the Universe there is focus, says Professor Webb, and if in some regions of space electromagnetism manifests itself very poorly, the most fundamental concept underlying much of modern physics need to be revised. To be always up to date with the latest news from the world of science and high technology, subscribe to our

However, say with certainty that the fine structure constant is different in different regions of the Universe, it is impossible. According to the authors of the study, if the data of other scientific works will show the same conclusions, it will help to explain why our universe is what it is and why it exists at all life. The team of Professor Webb believes it is the first step to a much more extensive study that covers many directions in the Universe.

Our universe is very strange.


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