View saw the Hubble telescope on the day of your birth


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View saw the Hubble telescope on the day of your birth

It is always interesting to learn what was happening in the world day, the day of our birth. So, someone born in one day with a famous musician, someone with a scientist or a dictator, and someone else's birthday and completely coincides with the sinking of the Titanic or the invention of penicillin. And although from the point of view of science similar «numerology» says nothing about us, events that happened on the day of our birth can feel their involvement in the Universe. In the end, this information is just nice to share with friends and learn something interesting about their birthday. However, many, I think, a very rash do not pay attention to space research. The fact that space telescope NASA Hubble was launched into orbit on 24 April 1990, this means that for 30 years every day he stares into the abyss of the cosmic ocean and that everyone today can see the best picture taken on your birthday or any other day of the year for the last thirty years. This was made possible thanks to the just-announced service from NASA.

Hubble Telescope 30 years

The Space telescope Hubble is an automatic Observatory in earth orbit. Hubble was the first large optical telescope launched into Earth orbit April 24, 1990. To date, the telescope has spent more than 1.4 million observations. Hubble is at a distance of approximately 569 kilometers from the planet's surface, and the circulation around it does a little more than half an hour. His name is already legendary telescope was named after Edwin Hubble, one of the most influential astronomers and cosmologists of the XX century, who made a decisive contribution to the understanding of the structure of the cosmos. Over the years of continuous work comic the Hubble telescope has captured nearly 1.5 million images of celestial objects – galaxies, planets, stars, and nebulae.

In honor of the upcoming anniversary , NASA has made a gift to all the inhabitants of our planet. a Now you can see the best picture that Hubble made in absolutely any day, including your birthday – albeit not the first. to see a photo, all you need to do is enter your month and day of birth and then you'll have a great shot amazing space object, located in the vast infinite Universe. When viewing photos it is important to understand that we are witnessing the swirl of stars as they were when the Land roamed by dinosaurs.

Hubble explores the universe 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means that he saw some exciting cosmic miracle every day, including the day of your birth, — the official statement of NASA.

By Entering your date of birth on the website of NASA, the best picture taken on my birthday over the past 30 years was the photo of the spiral galaxy NGC 4013, which, as it turned out, little is known. So, the only information I could find – though I was looking for long – were the results of radio studies showing that NGC 4013, with its thick disk sitopaladi dust may be a closed spiral.

Galaxy NGC 4013 is located at a distance of 55 million light years from Earth in the constellation URSA major. The picture was taken 25.01.2000

And if you put in the form 18 APR, the best will be the Messier 79 globular cluster in the constellation of the Hare, which was opened by Pierre Mesena in 1780. You just look what a beauty:

Globular cluster was opened by the French astronomer Pierre Mesena

Recall that by the year 2020, NASA engineers successfully tested a mirror of the new space telescope James Webb to take over from his illustrious predecessor in the next year. It should be noted that the development of a new telescope has been a daunting task for NASA. The fact that it the launch was scheduled for 2018, however, engineers faced a number of delays. This was influenced by the design complexity of the apparatus and the need for components. The fact that the telescope James Webb is the most difficult arranged to telescope in the world. Now NASA are confident that the output of the telescope into orbit will take place in 2021.

In the meantime, their rightful place on the earth's orbit is the birthday boy, you can enjoy aesthetically satisfying search engine that is definitely very funny and can have a great time. But what it really demonstrates is how constantly and relentlessly space telescope worked throughout his life. The fact that he has at least one picture on every day of the year is a Testament to his seemingly endless life expectancy, as well as a genuine interest in his scientific team to the stars and the cosmic ocean.

Let's see what Hubble shot in the famous days. For example, on April 12, the cosmonautics Day. In photos (April 12, 2010) we see a ghostly green ball of gas that seems to be floating around a normal looking spiral galaxy. A strange object, dubbed Hanny’s Voorwerp is the visible portion stretching around the galaxy, the gas flow length of 300 000 light years, called IC 2497.

Gas flow IC 2497 stretching 300 000 light years

And now, let's take March 9, the birthday of Yuri Gagarin. At pictures ... a cluster Abell 2261. Giant elliptical galaxy in the center of this image — the most massive and brightest member of the cluster Abell 2261. Galaxy, the width of which exceeds one million light years, about 10 times bigger than our milky way galaxy.

galaxy cluster Abell 2261

And finally, note the day you were born Elon Musk — June 28. This image shows a shell of stars around quasar, known as MC2 1635 + 119. Quasars are among the brightest objects in the universe. They are in the centers of galaxies and feed the supermassive black holes.

It's a shell of stars around quasar

Well, now you can check and personally memorable day for himself. You can do this .

so it looks the space on 24 APR 1991. Before you is a remnant from the explosion of a supernova Cygnus Loop Supernova Remnant


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