How to make reading a daily habit?


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How to make reading a daily habit?

The Results of numerous studies show that reading promotes the development of emotional intelligence and is an excellent workout for the brain. According to the survey , 53% of Russians — that is, every second — reads books. But despite these encouraging figures, many of those who consider themselves to be readers, I would like to read more. The fact that reading positively affects children and adolescents, and brain of adults. But how to make reading a healthy habit and what books should pay attention in the first place?

Read it.

The Results of twins at the University of California showed that children who began reading at an earlier age, better able to cope with certain tests on intelligence. And conducted by researchers from Stanford University in 2012, during which people read excerpts from Jane Austen being inside an MRI scanner, showed that different types of reading train different parts of the brain. Moreover, the researchers suggest that the aging of the reading can help to slow or even decline in cognitive abilities.

Another pleasant result that reading has on the brain, is , according to which readers of literature well-developed idea of what psychologists call «theory of mind» — the ability to attribute mental States to themselves and others and understand that other people may have different desires, emotions and thoughts. So, people who always read show more empathy towards others. So if to this day you dismissive attitude to reading, it's time to change your mind.

How to read anymore?

Given the modern pace of life, to carve out time to read is difficult. That's why you need to start small. Setting a new goal, you should strive for , which can be solved later. So first it is better to read five pages of an interesting book, but to do it every day. As soon as you will regularly read five pages a day, try to increase the number of pages to 10, then twenty, and then — until you reach the goal.

Many people read on the way to work or school

But where to start? Researchers are advised to focus on their own interests. So do not just start with the «War and peace” only because it is serious . Read what you like, for example, science fiction or detectives. Reading books by choice makes this class more of a pleasure than a chore, so you are more likely to succeed in their endeavors. However, if for any reason you miss one day, do not beat yourself up, but be prepared to carry out long-term obligation before itself the following day.

Electronic, paper or audio books — which is better?

Many people love to read in every spare moment, modern and provide all possible. That is why the question about which media is better to read the book, and can and does listen to them is extremely important. While most prefer paper books, science has proven that physical books are better than digital. It should be noted that academic mainly focus on retention — that is, how many events from the book you remember after reading. Although paper books in this regard have a distinct advantage, it still depends on environment and context.

for our brains are totally different from paper-based analogues thereof

As for audiobooks, it has shown that they stimulate the brain the same as black-and-white pages, while and affect your gray matter a little differently. As you listen to the story, you use different methods for decoding and understanding. When reading, the brain must represent the voice of the called prosody — this is how we imagine «the melody and rhythm of speech», intonation, emphasis on certain syllables, etc. In audio books an actor reading the product provides you with that information, so the brain itself does not generate the prosody and concentrated on trying to understand the meaning of the story.

do you Read books? If Yes, what works are your favorite? Share your response in the comments to this article, as well as with participants

Anyway, researchers agree that listening to audiobooks is considered as the reading. Ultimately, if you want to start reading or to read more, you do not need to abandon paper, digital, or audio environments. Reading should be fun, but how and what to read to you.

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