Can't stop Tesla: Model S beat its own record of autonomy


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Can't stop Tesla: Model S beat its own record of autonomy

This already cool car will now pass an even greater distance.

Remember how a few years ago everyone was talking about the fact that the electric car is not something? Claimed that it must continuously charge that he drove a very short distance and generally, of course, is the future, but a very long time you can use them with comfort. Tesla has already proved that it was all just prejudice and behind them was only the fact that the automobile manufacturers could not offer anything like that, unlike the company Ilona Mask, which threw all the efforts on the development of electric transport in General not having internal combustion engines. Eventually this led to the fact that we now have a car that can drive on a single charge more than the recommended person to pass by without stopping. Now she continues to set new records of autonomy.

Why is Tesla so popular

The Secret to the success of Tesla, as I have already said that she threw all the power to the electric vehicle and made him the basic rate. The large manufacturers of traditional cars just connected more to produce and develop the engine in order not to lose customers. If such a ”production machine” stops, it can not run.

Another important part of the success of Tesla is that the company and its engineers are paying very much attention to the little things that let on a bit, but make a contribution to the common cause, allowing each year to increase the autonomy of vehicles and to increase the speed of their charge.

I was not talking about the software that the machine, I would be even more cool, offering each customer what you need for him. In the end, the combination of all these factors creates a good product that buyers are willing to pay the money.

Tesla is not a car, a gadget on which you can ride.

What is the mileage of a Tesla on a single charge

At this stage of the development of electric vehicles the freedom to travel anywhere is critical to the growth of popularity of the Tesla. Since the release of the first Tesla Model S in 2012, which could pass for ”only” 425 kilometers (265 miles), the company continued to Refine the design, paying attention to those little things. In the end of the year the autonomy of the car only increased and now the maximum mileage from Tesla is simply no competition.

Now a new record of autonomy allowed Tesla Model S Long Range Plus to cross the 400-mile boundary (approximately 645 kilometers). All North American cars will now pass it is this distance from charge to charge. Is just 20 percent more than the model Tesla Model S 100D 2019 with the same battery design.

Tesla Model S 100D 2019.

This achievement was made possible through the use of many small car at first glance improvements that allowed us to achieve such a result.

What's new in Tesla Model S Long Range Plus

The Machine began to produce in the beginning of this year at the company's factory in Fremont, California. One of the most important differences from the previous version is lightweight design.

The Large mass greatly affects the energy consumption, which is needed in order to bring the vehicle in motion. Hence, it is necessary to reduce the weight of virtually every component, if it will not affect safety or reliability.

Many technologists weight loss has been previously applied to the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y. Now they are gradually finding application in the Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X. the company has opened a new area of reducing the weight while maintaining all the properties of its vehicles. To reduce the overall weight even changed the design of sensors and actuators.

The Work of engineers and to reduce air resistance. It also greatly affects the power consumption when driving at speed. The company has created a new tyre with a width of 8.5 inches, which can reduce drag by themselves, but also have less rolling resistance. Just these two innovations have given an extra 2 percent in driving range.

Only work on wheels you can increase mileage by two percent.

Reducing the share of mechanical components also helped to obtain an important increase of autonomy. For example, in the rear of the asynchronous drive was previously used mechanical oil pump, and now used electric. His task is to optimize the lubrication process in any speed range. It also gave two additional percentage to a maximum distance from the charging to charging when driving on the highway.

Improvements were made and the regenerative braking system. the Tesla used a combined brake system — the engine and the pads. Now, thanks to a new regenerative braking system engine, the battery goes more energy than before. In itself it does not increase autonomy directly, but is able to slightly reduce the load on the battery, which leads to an increase in the movement range.

the New charging station Tesla Supercharger V3

In addition to improvements to the cars, Tesla is keen to develop that as quickly as possible to charge its cars. In orderto re-charge the battery to 100 percent, no need to leave the car at night. In the case of a special station, the account goes on tens of minutes. Just enough to relax a bit at the gas station, sipping coffee, and the machine is fully charged and ready to go another hundred miles.

Such a charge is almost the main option of Tesla.

Given that worldwide there are about 17 000 of these stations, you can easily conquer the vast distances, just forget about what gasoline. A further increase in the charging rate and not allow you to charge the car in about the same time to fill the tank of gasoline. Only several times cheaper.

And we are only talking about , but there are still relatively slow, which could still power the machine for a few hours. Given that they appear in shopping malls (even in Russia), you can just go there and for those 2-3 hours that you spend in shops or in the cinema, the machine is fully charged.

due to what Tesla is going to develop

At the time, as each of these changes is relatively small, together they give a great effect. That is, the introduction of such small and seemingly unimportant innovations leads to the fact that Tesla every year more and more detached from their competitors. Constantly appears new, but can not kill her.

Killer Tesla from Izhevsk.

An Additional factor in the success of the company and its electric cars is the relatively low price for such a technologically advanced product. For example, Tesla Model S Long Range Plus, about which we spoke today, recently became cheaper on $ 5,000. That seems all right, but as they say, ”only began to live well, as life became even better.” This I mean that unlike other cars, Tesla also will receive updates that will give it new features or just to increase efficiency.


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