When the exchange of broken equipment to new may be cheaper to repair?


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When the exchange of broken equipment to new may be cheaper to repair?

a Mask would definitely approve of such savings.

Elon Musk is not just the last 10 years have been working to reuse the first stage of the Falcon rocket after each flight. If there was an elaborate stage, you can modify it and re-send to space, that will be much cheaper than building a new rocket for each launch. This story applies to almost any technology — for example, to repair a washing machine cheaper than buying a new one. The same thing has long been, phones: replaced the screen in 5 thousand roubles, and a new smartphone for 20 thousand no need to buy. However, with the advancement of technology many things have changed and now buying a new phone is often cheaper than repair.

What happened? In fact, the answer is simple — the better the technology, the more expensive it is. Earlier in the same iPhones have established a regular IPS screens that could "Bob" of the basement to replace. Now, most smartphones put the displays, and if you really like this break, the repair will cost 25-30 thousand rubles. The problem is that the original components for these phones is very difficult to find, and they are quite expensive.

And here in my head something clicks: for 30 thousand roubles it is possible to buy a good new phone! It is, but for example, if you use iPhone 11 Pro, and then get the iPhone 7, the difference will be significant. I would not want to do such a "downgrade". However, using such services as you can get a brand new smartphone for the price of repairing it. And there I not only iPhone, but also broken smart watch Apple watch on the same new, and even the iPad.

Share on the new Apple Watch

Not long ago I broke the screen on his Apple Watch Series 4, and to use them was simply impossible. If the iPhone's display is still possible to damage the "in part", here from the screen literally fell off the pieces of glass.

a Very painful failure for hours

Dropping a tear, and began to ring up the services where you can repair the Apple Watch, and the minimum price I have put forward 15 thousand rubles. We are talking about the official services — you can, of course, a little cheaper to repair in a little-known service, but there is a risk that after such a repair will need another. In changing a broken Apple Watch Series 4 to the new 11 thousand rubles, and faulty Apple Watch Series 5 — over 13 thousand rubles. And for the money I get is not repaired watches, and brand new.

Why repair the old Apple Watch if new can get cheaper?

After I leave the application with me will contact the Manager, clarify the details and agree on the day and time of arrival of the employee of the service. If no representation Greatsteve, the device will be taken by the representative of the courier service. the Pay nothing need — only after receiving the new Apple Watch instead of the faulty. The staff or the courier is also free. To pay, you can exchange both cash and credit card.

And what here, actually, «business»? Few people know, but Apple has an official program to replace damaged devices with new ones. For Apple it's kind of a way of disposing of faulty Apple Watch, iPhone and iPad. Access to this program have service centers. They just send the broken gadget in the Apple (probably in exchange for some «bun»), and in return they send a new iPhone, factory films and with a guarantee, which is issued to the owner to replace the damaged phone. Services such as Greatsteve work for its proven channels, and can arrange everything so that the exchange of the iPhone for consumers in the end will be cheaper than repair.

Exchange your broken iPhone for a new one

So likewise you can, for example, change the faulty iPhone with a new one. Choose the model of your faulty smartphone, memory where to buy (from the official reseller / abroad / just online store), and indicate whether the repair. All of this to continue to affect the price you will need to pay to exchange a broken iPhone for a new one.

Choose model from the list

From these questions depends on the purchase cost of your old phone

Fix the fault (suddenly the phone is broken not just the screen but the back glass too), and then immediately find out how much will need to pay for a new smartphone.

Not necessarily the phone might be broken screen — it may not be included

the Cost of exchange iPhone for new XS

23 thousand rubles for so you can replace the XS iPhone with a broken display for a new one. In the service replacement only one display (the original, of course) will cost about 20 thousand rubles. Perhaps it is easier to pay 3 thousand rubles and use new iPhone. He will have a new battery, no chips and scuffs that inevitably occur when using the phone. And Apple's warranty, you can check the serial number.

And in the case of iPhone 11 Pro exchange for a new one is cheaper repair. Not even in the official service center replace broken screen iPhone Pro 11 cost 30 thousand rubles, and here exchange it for a new phone offer, paying the 27 thousand rubles.

Repair iPhone 11 Pro will be more expensive on 3 thousand rubles

You can Also choose one of two options: immediately or within 10 days. If you can a few days to spend without the phone, better to choose the second option, so you can save. By the way, for buyers from Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Kazan, Belgorod, Tula and Stavropol at the time of the exchange the company provides free replacement iPhone (iPhone 7 and newer).

The Exchange of faulty equipment on new works throughout Russia, so you can leave an application now. Try to calculate the benefits for yourself!

Exchange faulty equipment


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