5 unusual gadgets as a gift on February 23


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5 unusual gadgets as a gift on February 23

Ahead of the February 23 — women are once again rushing to the shops in search of a gift, and men scratching their heads as to greet each other. Overheard there conversations employees in our newsroom (not good, but what to do) and based on what he heard made up the list of gifts you would like to obtain in honor of this event the authors Hi-News.ru. And since among them are geeks, and men of science, and lovers of unusual gadgets, the selection was very interesting and variegated.

to Fit anything you want

Not surprisingly, the first place in the wish list were a backpack — but not any kind, and good with different chips against hacking, such as . This is the optimal model for students, office workers and travelers, due to the size and due to protective characteristics.

This backpack can be used as a normal bag.

It will easily accommodate a laptop computer with a screen up to 15 inches, a couple of books, notes, documents and not only. And with all this it is possible to carry as hand Luggage on the plane! Protective functions are also missing from the special lightning to the steel mesh in the fabric and the protective buckle. And the outer pocket is made of fabric that blocks the reading of information from the media RFID chip. The backpack also has an ergonomic backrest with inserts of foam material. Not a backpack, but just a dream.

And screwdriver, corkscrew

This is the gadget that we first heard late last year from one of the authors, who just acquired such a thing. It looks like a normal screwdriver, but its purpose is not only tightening the screws. Opportunities — opening wine, grinding spices, even fan the coals can. For each purpose meets the specific nozzle.

From this spin, and the girl did not refuse, and the man, and even more so

At first We were skeptical about the idea to combine all in one, but the main function of the screwdriver is also not suffered, and here the function of speed adjustment of the pressing force and led lights, and wireless charging. In green — simply a must-have for any man.

Smart bathroom scales

Without health products in wishlist too, was not. One of the most interesting accessories — smart scales that produce several manufacturers. There are , but many in the wording more like that they just spetsializiruetsya.

These scales read 12 health indicators

It scales rectangular in shape, thanks to which they can be placed anywhere. Imperceptible discharge current "flies" the body and "reads" like an open book. As your progress you can track in a mobile application. During each measurement, reads the 12 indicators: total percentage of fat, protein, water, bone mass, muscle weight (of course) and many more.

the Printer without cartridge — how is this possible?

There are those among us who follow the latest technological advances and know how to use them to save money. For example, the world's first laser printer without cartridge — Neverstop HP Laser — a unique device that will be extremely useful to those involved in freelancing or business and many typing.

Neverstop HP Laser 1000a

The Main feature cartridge-free printing system – the ability to refill the toner directly to the printer. In the starter kit already comes with a supply of toner, 5000 pages, and add another 2500 pages in just 15 seconds and 790 rubles. Compared with ordinary laser printer, invest in will pay off after 2 and a half months under the condition of printing 1000 sheets in a month. In addition, this printer is a lot of "smart" features, including printing from a smartphone using HP Smart App. There you can do a scan and create a copy of the file, so to include a computer generally do not have.

HP MFP Laser Neverstop 1200a

Wallet for cryptocurrency

It would be strange if no one called device associated with the crypt, because our site is constantly out relevant publications. One of the favorites was a hardware wallet for crypto-currencies : it allows you to store cryptocurrency to move funds and never sends them to the computer, and this means that even if it gets malicious software, bitcoin (and any other coins) will remain safe.

The device Looks like a regular flash drive, but actually it is a secure gadget that protects all cryptocurrency savings. Plus there is a Live Ledger application that allows you to easily install or remove apps for cryptocurrencies in the wallet Ledger.

you Have a purse, and there are crypts

As you can see, ideas for gifts great variety for every taste and budget. And this is not a trivial socks or shaving cream, and cool gadgets for geeks and not only. It all depends on what the man enjoys, but from the multifunction screwdriver it is in any case unlikely to refuse.

Collection of gifts on February 23


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