Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 900 — a vacuum cleaner is not for everyone


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Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 900 — a vacuum cleaner is not for everyone

Just a few years ago robot vacuum cleaner in the house was a real curiosity. People do not understand why you need it and is it worth it to buy. And they were of very poor quality and worked so-so. This further pushed away those who wanted to buy something. Now everything has changed. Technology stepped forward, and robotic vacuum cleaners become just robots, not just a container with a fan on wheels that crashed, was losing its position in space and could not return to base. What can I say, even the number of sensors was at times more. One lidar, as in a driverless car is worth.

What is the difference robot vacuum cleaners

If you do not grasp the fact that robotic vacuum cleaners have become very technologically advanced, one might think that they are all the same, the only difference in brand and appearance. This is completely wrong and the difference between them much more.

During the development of this type of technology it was the way in which something that used to cost tens of thousands of rubles, is now on sale for 13 000 — 15 000 rubles, but this is probably the lowest option that is easy to ride and constantly get lost. For a little lot of money can buy it a very interesting device.

first and foremost, we must understand that the more expensive vacuum cleaners have a lot of sensors that are simply not cheap. Among them, lidar, which builds a map of the room for faster and better cleaning (without him it will work every time to touch and to skip sections). Also, when the robot has a map of the room, it will be much easier to return to base. I have many years ago was the vacuum cleaner if the battery is low not had time to find the base. Through time I found him in the middle of the room and took in the hands on exercises.

Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 900 he copes with the task of setting the charge.

As more expensive models offer the opportunity to work with the application through which it will be possible to configure and specify the necessary parameters of cleaning.

Well, of course, a good cleaner should be able to change the mode of operation, not just ride in one regime for all types of coverage.

the Container of the vacuum cleaner would clog up stronger at high suction power. All logical — it would be better to suck the dust from the rugs.

What is a good vacuum cleaner Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 900

The First thing you notice after unpacking the cleaner, it is the quality of its Assembly and how it is Packed. Manufacturers are not always so careful about such things as strip the moving parts of the vacuum cleaner.

When turn it on, you're welcomed russifitsirovannye head assistant that reports important information about the vacuum cleaner. This is not so important, because all the information you can get on a smartphone remotely, but this approach is still pleasant.

Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 900 very high-tech. He even has a laser datchik distance measurements.

Scope of delivery is rich and in it, except for the vacuum cleaner and the charging station includes two sets of brushes, two filters, two wipes for wet cleaning and an additional module for direct absorption. It can be installed instead of a brush if you don't have carpets, but there are Pets. So the coat will be absorbed and you do not have to clean the brush. Although, it is removed, so the cleaning process will still not be very complex.

supplied Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 900 has everything you need and more.

For better cleaning Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 900 has the function of washing a floor. To do this, in the rear he installed water container, which delivers it to the attached bottom cloth, wipe the floor for better cleaning.

Latch of the tank open with one hand.

For filling the tank with water using the hole.

At the top of the vacuum cleaner is a laser rangefinder that works 360 degrees and can scan space in all directions. It not only helps to build a map of the room, but also allows you to bypass obstacles. Although, there are still sensors with other parties which prevent collisions with obstacles. There are even sensors in the lower part, which are able to protect the vacuum cleaner from falling down the stairs.

there are Sensors on all sides. Even from below.

Applications for robot vacuum cleaner

Given the capabilities of the app, perhaps you consider him to be one of the main features of the robot cleaner . Often it is necessary for show, but this is not the case.

At the beginning of the application, you will tell me.

Through the app you can, for example, ask cleaning. You can choose any day of the week (or several) and specify the time within which they will carry out cleaning. So you can make sure that the vacuum cleaner was working at that time when you will not work. To your arrival everything will be cleaned.

Also, the application can be viewed as a process of cleaning a display position of cleaner at the map room. On the map you can mark the area that do not need cleaning. Or, conversely, to allow the vacuum cleaner to increase the power in those places where it is necessary, for example, in rooms with carpet or rugs.

In the attachment you can see how the cleaning where the cleaner, ask zone, where it is not necessaryto get out and make other settings.

If you enable notification, the app will send important information, like reminders to clean the container or of an emergency situation.

The App is for iOS and Android, and to start to use, simply scan the QR code on the housing of the vacuum cleaner.

This code must scan to download the app and to add a cleaner.

is it Worth to buy robot vacuum cleaner

Might seem that robot vacuum cleaner can't clean as good as usual. Of course, it is true, and to deny it is at least illogical, but the sense of the robot cleaner in the other.

With a brush, you can clean almost any surface.

The Usual vacuum cleaner have to get out yourself. As a rule, do it once and everything was postponed until the weekend, and there may be something else to happen and the process will be postponed for another week. to clean every day. During this time, just does not accumulate so much dust that it failed, and needed something more powerful. For example, I like that when using the robot cleaner in the hallway is always clean and not accumulated over a week of sand brought with the shoes. Especially in the winter.

it only Remains to add that the vacuum cleaner has a beautiful body color.

If there is some heavy pollution, like the breaking of a pot of flowers, and you have to remove two kilos of the earth, of course, the robot would be a bad assistant, but it is force majeure. But in normal situations, the robot vacuum will allow you to keep the house clean on a regular basis.

read More about the vacuum cleaner Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 900

Choose a good robot vacuum is not easy, but now they are much better than several years ago.


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