New development, Tesla will make electric cars almost eternal


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New development, Tesla will make electric cars almost eternal

We All know and love the company of Tesla. Sometimes it saddens us their news, but which often pleases interesting developments, new technologies and outstanding design. As the company is engaged in development and sale of electric vehicles, the main components are the motors and the batteries. With the first more or less well and they have reached a fairly high efficiency. Slightly worse is the situation with batteries, if such a word applies to batteries, which provide 500-700 kilometers. And the resource at them is comparable with internal combustion engines (a few hundred thousand kilometers). But now that Tesla, as the locomotive of the electric car market, offers a new technology that will provide batteries resource more than half a million kilometers.

How many miles Tesla rides on a single charge

If you buy Tesla holds only that she has a little mileage on a single charge, to go shopping. Some of the cars of this brand are passing on a single charge up to seven hundred kilometers. It is clear that this is in ideal conditions, but under the same conditions, the range of cars with internal combustion engines is not much different from this figure. However, the advantage of traditional vehicles is that they can just stop at a gas station and 5-7 minutes to leave with the same reserve. Electric even on fast charge is filled with energy for longer times.

As for battery life, it is 1,500 cycles of charge-discharge, which translated into mileage for different models within the range 500-800 thousand kilometers. That is, the margin of safety of a conventional car, about the same as the cargo truck, which travels day and night on the roads.

This man drove the Tesla Model S 2013 million miles and now swung a million miles (1.6 million kilometers)

There is even an example, when hansjörg the Gemmingen passing day, 600 km and at the end of last year, "wound" on the German roads a million miles. However, he twice changed the batteries, but Tesla took into account the shortcomings of the first versions and, apparently, something fixed in the design, as the last battery is used it is almost half a million miles and until the time change it has not come yet, visible signs of degradation it does not.

Tesla — million.

Battery Tesla for electric cars

Against the background of such figures, it seems, where else to improve battery, but it turns out there is much, and the company swung it down to 1 million miles. In terms of kilometres, the figures are even more fantastic and will be 1.6 million kilometers.

you know ?

The Transition to new technologies is associated with a new manufacturing process components of batteries. The fact that the production of electrode materials undergo many treatments, including heat. When heating elements with the addition of lithium lithium dirty substrate. In the end, this leads to a decrease in potentially much higher resource. You can reduce the amount of lithium in the reaction and the battery will be more reliable, but will decrease its performance (capacity and ability to give energy). This, too, no one wants, so the company has engaged in relevant research.

On this plant has machine will put new batteries.

If you keep all the technical terms, the sintering of the electrodes occurs in two stages. First, sintering occurs at a temperature of 800-950 degrees Celsius, and then additional processing is performed with other elements (among which lithium is used again), but at a temperature of 650-760 degrees Celsius. Of course, nobody will tell something more detailed, since it is a commercial secret. Even the sintering time is described only by the range of 1-24 hours. Like, want, think for yourself, how you handle your battery.

It is Worth noting that the development is only for new electrodes, but not to batteries in General. But it is the application of new electrodes allows to reduce the level of degradation of the battery and increase its life of almost three times — up to 4000 charge-discharge. The total mileage on a single battery exceed one million miles and, in fact, the power supply will be eternal. You will even give a lifetime warranty. Few so much will pass on the same machine.

Of Course, Tesla filed the appropriate patent, entitled "Method of synthesis of Nickel-cobalt-aluminum electrodes". This is logical, because was developed a fundamentally new way to produce batteries that can become the gold standard for many years to come.

Over the development of a new type of electrodes in conjunction with Tesla worked Jeff Dan from Dalhousie University. He has worked with the company when upgrading previous generations of batteries. This time, he also joined the development of the electrolyte for new batteries.

How much are Tesla shares

How much would Tesla stock should not have now (about $ 770) worth of the company to declare the launch ofa new type of battery, as the price can seriously jump. While we are talking only about the design and patent. It is not known when this . But when it happens, the situation will change a lot.

Perhaps it will happen today at an event where the company will announce its financial results, but much to hope that it is not worth it. of the Launch is a long process. On the other hand, we don't know at what stage is the company. Maybe she's already prepared everything and can start production in the coming months.

I wouldn't call it a revolution in the production of electric vehicles. Even in the production of batteries is not a revolution. Rather, it is evolutionary leap. But he still deserves great attention and respect to the actions of the company. If everything is as she says, she's done really well.

For ten years, Tesla was able to do more than automakers in decades.


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