#video | Tesla learned to speak with pedestrians


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#video | Tesla learned to speak with pedestrians

Tesla Model 3

Electric vehicles have many advantages over transport with internal combustion engines. First, they do not pollute the air with exhaust gases, and secondly do not emit any noise. However, more recently the authorities of many countries began to require manufacturers of electric cars install external speakers to play engine noise. The fact that pedestrians may not notice the quietly approaching vehicle and run out into the road, which may well . But why not to make in addition to the engine sounds of the cars could also communicate with people? Apparently, this thought had already occurred to the engineers from Tesla, because recently Elon Musk confirmed that company cars will actually be able to talk to pedestrians.

About the founder of Tesla declared . Moreover, he has also published a video in which Tesla Model 3 arrives at passers-by and says "what are you looking at? Hop in!". Sound is issued from the external speaker, which in addition to the engine sounds used to scare away thieves in the framework to protect vehicles against theft.

What sounds like electric cars Tesla?

Function calls with pedestrians while not officially added to the Tesla, but Elon Musk says that this will happen very soon. In General, the appearance of such a function is not so unexpected move from the company. The fact that Elon Musk has long wanted to create from their cars in an independent taxi service that does not require these drivers. The fact that almost all models of cars Tesla support the automatic driving system and in theory can drive up to the passengers and lead them to where they need.

About Autonomous taxi service Tesla can be read in

Starting a taxi service with cars Tesla is scheduled for 2020. It is possible that after a few months in California, you will see the electric cars, in which no driver. People will be able to rent a car through a special application and indicate which point on the map it needs to drive them. In such a situation, chat with pedestrians and can be useful. Imagine that you ordered a taxi, and he came and was invited to sit on the passenger seat. In my imagination it all looks very interesting and it is hoped that this will soon become a reality.

But do you know that

When it will be launched a taxi service and will appear, the above function is still unknown. In General, to the words of Elon musk should be treated with skepticism. He informed that in October 2019, the owners of Tesla vehicles will be able to set individual sounds of beeps and movement, but this possibility is still there. And the idea is very interesting and very brave, because the owner said that instead of the standard signal can be set to the bleating of goats and other weird sounds.

the Tesla is even possible to play games

This All reminds of how in 2000 years mobile operators have offered all of us to replace the horns on the melody. Do Tesla cars also enable people to stand out among the crowd? Maybe, but can you imagine what other innovations will come up with the company after a dozen years? Let's fantasize on the subject in the comments or at .


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