Tesla is more economical than normal cars or is it not?


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Tesla is more economical than normal cars or is it not?

When it comes to comparison with petrol or diesel cars, almost no one doubts that the electric car Elon musk would be more economical to use. Indeed, or we ourselves have come to this, or are we inspired it, but the cost of maintaining electric vehicles and their brothers on fuel always in favor of the latter. But is there really this economy? Discarding some factors, I will try to answer the question of whether there is any sense in buying a Tesla... for example, in Russia.

What is the Tesla

To understand this, you first need to understand how to calculate the flow rate of the Tesla cars, because here you cannot take 100 miles and calculate how many litres of petrol or diesel left for the trip. Or can you? Actually, Tesla is the measurement of electric energy consumption, and for comparison it also show 100 kilometers.

  • Consumption Tesla Model S — an average of 16.4 kWh/100 km
  • the
  • Consumption Tesla Model 3 — an average of 15 kWh/100 km
  • the
  • Consumption Tesla Model X — an average of 15.7 kWh/100 km

Consumption-Tesla is calculated at each kilometer, these data can be found on the dashboard of the car. For Model 3 it usually varies from 120 WH/km to 170 WH/km electric energy Consumption is highly dependent on average speed and temperature in which the car is used. For example, in the cold the battery capacity is reduced, and also while driving over 100 km/h or on the principle of "gas". For comparison gasoline/diesel vehicle starting from a speed of 80 km/h.

power Consumption Tesla sometimes up to 200 W*h/km, depending on the operation

If you take the battery capacity of the Tesla Model 3 (not the top) — she is 54 kWh When the consumption of about 120 W*h/km we get a power reserve of almost 430 kilometers, while 170 W*h/km cruising range is less than 320 kilometers.

Comparing Tesla and cars gasoline

Compare with Mazda 6, for example?

Take the stated (and average) consumption Tesla Model 3 — 15 kWh / 100 km At mid-sized sedan, which is similar to it (for example, Mazda 6), fuel consumption in the mixed cycle is 10 l / 100 km. Again, if you do not ride aggressively and at high speeds. By simple calculations, we find that 15 kWh Tesla, equal to 10 litres of gasoline — that is, 1 liter of gasoline in our case will be equal to 1.5 kWh of energy.

  • the Cost of a liter of gasoline AI-95 in Russia — about 46 rubles per liter
  • the
  • Cost of electricity Moscow — 5.47 ruble per kWh

Consider the ideal: you have your own house with a garage (or apartment with underground Parking), where you installed a charging station for your Tesla Model 3. When there is electricity to make it not so difficult . And then you decided to go to work and back — suppose the distance in both directions is 100 km, Then:

  • For Tesla — you will spend 15 kWh
  • the
  • On the petrol car — 10 litres of fuel

Comparing Tesla and cars diesel

Our Mercedes A-class

The same conditions, only now you have no petrol "Mazda", such as the diesel Mercedes A-class. Average consumption he leaves about 5 litres / 100 km.

the Real fuel consumption of the diesel A-class


  • For Tesla — you will spend the same 15 kWh
  • the
  • diesel car — 5 litres of fuel

Drive in a Tesla will cost again in 82,05 rubles (15 kWh multiplied by 5.47 ruble), and diesel cars — 230 rubles (46 cents per liter multiplied by 5). A liter of diesel at the price of long been caught up in Russia with diesel, and some gas stations it even a little more expensive.

how much Tesla pays?

While Tesla actually pays for itself?

The Price of the Tesla Model 3 (standard Range Plus) in Russia is about 4 500 000. The same Mercedes A-class with diesel engine — in the region of 2 500 000 rubles. It turns out, in order to buy a Tesla, you need to pay additional 2 000 000 rubles.

If you operate both cars in equal conditions (100 km per day), every day you will save "fuel" is about 150 rubles.

You are so not shocked by this figure, let's compare how much you pay off buying a Tesla, if you take it instead of the new Mazda 6 diesel. However, it is still cheaper "Mercedes" — about 2 000 000 rubles. To buy a Tesla, you need to pay 2 500 000 rubles.

Only when the purchase of a Tesla is appropriate — if the petrol or diesel car you are considering as an alternative, is no less than the new Tesla. You will then be able to save on fuel and the car will immediately begin to pay their own way. As a rule, people who buy cars for the money, it is possible to equip yourself charging station at home or at work.

Of Course, you can now start talking about the need THAT every 15 000 km for petrol or diesel car (and someone is doing SOMETHING every 10 000km), but even more if you spend on IT every 30 thousand rubles, is not much impact. Especially for Tesla, too, need to do scheduled maintenance every 20,000 km (or looking to change pads and oil in razdatok and cabin filter), which will also have to pay. Than in terms of service really impresses Tesla is the warranty on the powertrain and the battery — she is 8 years old. The only — for Model 3 is still limiting the mileage of 160 000 km for the version with standard battery and 192 000 km for the Long Range version. In Model S and Model X there is no such restriction.

But if the Tesla out of warranty and the battery «dead» after that, a new battery will cost half the car's cost.

Such a check can arrive in 7 years after purchase, Tesla Model S

Buy a Tesla in the US

Of Course, if you take the Tesla in the USA, the purchase will be much more justified. Not only because the same Model 3 there is 35 000 USD (2 500 000), but also because of the widespread use of chargers from Tesla. Although there is more profitable to take the Model S or Model X — for them, the brand charging the Tesla totally free of charge.

How long the campaign will last is still unknown, so current owners of cars should hurry up and take advantage of the free stations. It is noteworthy that if the person bought the car from the owner, the action is not covered, because free of charge is available only to the original owner.

charging Tesla

Tesla still needs a long time to charge.

Buying a Tesla, you need to be prepared for the fact that . That's how much charge Model 3 SR+: for the Russian Federation the maximum number 1,2 and 3 options, but often use 1 and 2

  1. Conventional charging Mobile Connector (standard) — 21 hours
  2. the
  3. Mobile Connector using a special adaptor, power sockets NEMA 14-50 and modification of grid — 6 hours
  4. the
  5. High Power Wall Connector + Twin Chargers (a device to accelerate charging) — 3 hours
  6. the
  7. Supercharger V1/V2 (up to 120 kW) — 1 hour
  8. the
  9. Supercharger V3 — 35 minutes

Even if you put a Tesla Model 3 on charge over night in the garage, this time is still not enough, if not buy a Mobile Connector or the High Power Wall Connector. Of course, 100 miles per day the car will drive, but a full "tank" will not gain.

One thing is clear — the logic of "buy a car a little more expensive, but Tesla is more economical than petrol" at least for Russia, is not working. If there is a choice between cars in the same price category, it is only in this case it makes sense to buy the Tesla. Or if you are just enjoying the fact that you care about nature. Although the last statement .

whether Tesla is more economical on petrol machines? But on a diesel?


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