Chinese electric car Nio EP9 power of 1341 HP — the car of the future?


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Chinese electric car Nio EP9 power of 1341 HP — the car of the future?

Nio-EP9 looks very nice and goes very quickly.

We already wrote about the cool and . For example, about the premiere , presented less than a month ago, or about how the Tesla Model S beat it on the North loop. But the electric car has long ceased to be just a means of transportation. Now they compete not only in the distance that can overcome on a single charge, but also in speed. Imagine there is an electric car that will take you 100 000 000 roubles and will not give it to you. Maybe this is what caused such intense surprise that Richard Hammond?

The Majority of people, not indifferent to cars, with great skepticism relate to the creations of the Chinese automotive industry. Yes, our Chinese friends have learned to do inexpensive but beautiful cars that have many structural defects. The last time they grew up a lot in this business, so there is no doubt that sooner or later their cars will be even better.

However, now there is one Chinese car that is not ashamed. It is called Nio EP9 is something just unreal. Even the famous Richard Hammond, one of the leading car show, The Grand Tour, who led The legendary Top Gear said this car you can pile in your pants. He knows what he's talking about, as has already smashed a couple of years ago the electric car the Rimac Concept One. This accident was not the first. For example, from major incidents we can recall how during the test the dragster in September 2016 at a speed of about 400 km/h something went wrong and the trials were a serious accident.

the One the Rimac Concept One, which Richard Hammond could not return after the shooting.

the Team in the Formula E

You May know about the existence of the championship in which are competing . It all started in 2012 when the FIA (international Federation of Motorsports) and a group of enthusiasts had the idea of creating a separate class of competition for electric cars. After a year in Frankfurt, was shown the first prototype machine for the new championship.

The First race was held in September 2014, and the series is called Formula E. I don't really agree with the idea of this championship, but I respect him for his honesty. It was originally created as a series of electric and sticks to its path and not trying to follow other directions, as a modern Formula 1 that is trying to please the audience, and environmentalists.

These machines from the late nineties,… Tens of millions on development of tobacco sponsors, intrigue, and a new car every race. There was a time…

On the creation of cars, worked many well-known brands in . For example, McLaren commissioned the development of electronic systems and engines, Williams undertook to do the battery, and Dallara was engaged in habitual business — design racing chassis. Electric cars Formula E struggle for E-Prix — is the name of the Grand prize in this discipline.

At the moment in the championship they played many famous racers, some of which even took more than one season in Formula 1. For example, Felipe Massa, who a few seconds was a world champion while Lewis Hamilton has not made overtaking two turns from the finish and eventually finished ahead of the Brazilian at one point. Among other famous, and not so names in the championship of Formula E can be called Lucas Di Grassi, Jean-Eric Vergne and Sam bird, Brendon Hartley, Stoffele Vandorn, being studied Buemi and many others. However, some of the pilots participating in the series, only in the past was on top. Now some of them can be safely called ”downed pilots”, deejaydee his life. However, some of them in this series could very well be disclosed.

a Little futuristic looking car of Formula E

Race series held in different countries on the streets. At one time there was even a stage in Moscow near the Kremlin. It is in this championship are the team Nio, which puts my car. Color protect Oliver and Curve Chin Hua by car Nio 333. However, great strides it has not yet achieved, but the experience gained on the track, it is still enough to create a cool electric car.

The fastest electric car

Probably, Nio EP9 do you think is the most strange car as it will belong to his master only conditionally. That is, paying for it, you become its owner, but will not be able to put it in the garage. You simply will not give up. Instead, at the first request you will bring it to the track, where a team of mechanics to prepare it for the arrival. You will drive, after which it will take, and he will wait for the next time. In the same way the guys went out with his FXX. It also issue only on the track, and then taken away. If anything, the sink is included.

Team of mechanics casts of Nio EP9

Until recently, Nio EP9 was the holder of the lap record at the Nurburgring with the result 6:45.90. A couple of months ago this record was broken by the prototype ID.R, drive the Nordschleife in 6:05.33. Given that the lap length is almost 21 kilometers, we can say that is damn fast.

Nio-EP9 at the Nurburgring

facial Expressions of Richard Hammond forthe wheel Nio EP9 speaks volumes.

Of the major characteristics of Nio EP9 is possible to note the capacity of 1341 HP, the car accelerates to a hundred in just 2.7 seconds and to two hundred, same place, 7 seconds. During this time, the vast majority of normal road cars did not gain even the first hundred.

Very intriguyuschie features of the case

No less interesting is a way of ”refueling” of the car. To fully charge the batteries only need 45 minutes, but I want to wait, when you've paid and got out on the track? Here to the aid will come, and mechanics, which will replace two batteries, each of which weighs 317 pounds. Without special equipment in any way.

Advantages of electric car

I often argue with those who say that electric sport cars future. Personally, I'm still not ready. I began to get involved in Motorsport, when Formula 1 was still a 12-cylinder monsters that not roared, not growled, and hysteria. They could be heard from afar, and on the podium during the launch was not to be without any protection of the ears.

I believe that while the transition to electricity in everything and everywhere has not come yet. Although, there are not so long. Automakers have ceased to seriously invest in improvement , as they gradually become hopeless.

Against this background, it is difficult to argue with the fact that the transition to electric cars in motorsports will get rid of the downsides of the design, should be avoided, if the car is built around the engine.

First of all, it concerns the weight. The internal combustion engine is lighter than batteries, but it is accompanied by transmission and fuel tank weight approximately 100-140 lbs. In the end, even with the use of advanced lightweight materials, we get the weight, about equal to the weight of the batteries of the electric vehicle. That's just even boxer engine greatly raises the center of gravity of the car. The battery can be placed flat on the bottom and thereby to solve the problem.

The Second item is the diffuser. For example, Nio EP9 he goes under the whole bottom. Perhaps this is due to the same lack of ice, which should be in the middle relative to the transverse axis of the vehicle.

In this photo is well visible developed diffuser Nio EP9, which would be difficult to combine with internal combustion engines without significant recovery.

Well, of course, do not forget about the electric motors, which can be positioned at each wheel without the need to install additional mechanisms and shafts from the engine.

All this allows to make the machine faster. For example, in Nio EP9 there's even support for the head, to at least some of the pressure off the neck of the pilot. The problem is that the simplicity of the electric vehicle reduces the influence of the creative approach of engineers to solving problems of layout of internal elements of the car. But it also makes racing more interesting.

When the team needs to figure out how to build a good car, the sport is becoming really a team competition, not to go exclusively to competition pilots. This also has its cons, like domination of one of the designers, but on this account I have a separate opinion, concerning the materials contained in this article.

the Future of electric cars

In the end, we see not just signs, but specific signs that varies. When did hybrid cars I don't beat enthusiasm for them. It seemed to me that it is unnecessary in ordinary life complication of a design which will only require more effort to overcome the difficulties you might face. An example can be breakage, accidents and much more.

the Toyota Prius is probably the most famous hybrid car

Now, when we raised the pace to get behind the wheel of an electric car really is clear that they will not become a dead-end branch of evolution of the automotive industry, and really be the future. Examples like Porsche Taycan, Nio EP9 and many others, not to mention Tesla are further proof of that. What can I say, Volkswagen has even introduced a universal platform to create this transport.

As they say, the wait is not long. Let's see how events will develop. While it is interesting to watch. That's just motorsports alone. At least until...


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