Parents will be able to edit the appearance of the unborn child


2018-07-18 18:15:05




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Well-Known editor of the genome CRISPR can save people from serious diseases before birth. But what if we could use this technology not only in medical but also for cosmetic purposes? It is possible that this service will arise in the future.

According to the newspaper The Independent, a group of British researchers is already well mastered technology for editing genes in order to affect the appearance of offspring. Scientists say that with the help of CRISPR, it is possible to change your eye color, hair color and even set the growth of the unborn child. It is worth noting that earlier in the UK the change of fetal DNA was considered a pretty serious ethical problem and was unacceptable. Recently, however, the situation is very much changed and now this procedure is quite acceptable. As stated by Professor Nuffields Council on bioethics Karen Jung,

"I believe that making changes to a molecule of human DNA is possible only if the following two conditions. First: it must not foster discrimination and second, changes should not contribute to the stratification of society."

However, in the near future, expect the emergence of such a procedure still not worth it. After all, you first need to conduct a lot of tests. And even despite the fact that CRISPR is not the first year is used for intrauterine treatment of various diseases like autism, and congenital malformations of organs or predisposed to cancer on a regular basis the editor of the genome is not yet used.


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