[Live] the operation to rescue the children from the flooded caves of Thailand began


2018-07-08 16:45:10




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[Live] the operation to rescue the children from the flooded caves of Thailand began

Rescue workers in Thailand have begun the evacuation of 12 boys and their football coach out of the cave, reports the BBC. "D-day began. Boys prepared for all challenges". The first group was supposed to go. The first pass is the most difficult. Children were taught to use scuba, however, the immersion experience they have no. On the way to be a transit point, where you can relax.

In the best case, Teens will get out of the cave to nine in the evening local time (the operation was begun at ten in the morning). The operation involved 13 foreign divers, five Thai divers and five «Navy seals». Journalists and anyone who is not involved in the rescue of the children was said to leave the territory near the cave, so all the information will be known after the operation.

the salvation

Brigade of 10-15 people working in the mountains, plugging all possible drains with sandbags and soil and installing pipe for drainage water in the surrounding reservoirs that are not connected by tunnels to the cave, and in farmers ' fields in the valley below the cave, said the TV channel Thai PBS.

In the Morning in the area of the rescue operation arrived a column of trucks with plastic pipes with a length of 100 meters and a diameter of 4 inches (10.16 cm), which at the place of operation are used for removing and pumping water in the last two weeks. The trucks arrived from the province of Nakhon Ratchasima, located 600 kilometers South of the scene of the rescue operation as two weeks in the pumping of water was used the entire range of these pipes in Chiang Rai province where the cave is, and in two adjacent provinces, according to the TV channel. All these pipes on Sunday will be manually set on the hill above the cave to divert rainwater.

According to forecasts of weather forecasters late Sunday could start another prolonged downpour, causing the water level in the cave can rise to dangerous, despite the fact that the cave continued to pump 50,000 cubic meters of water per hour. According to the statements of the leadership of the rescue operation, the evacuation could last until nine at night or later time, and in the event of adverse conditions on the route could be delayed for two to three days.

Picture from Lentech

We continue to follow the events.

[15:41] Two boys saved, both sent to a field hospital. Helicopters at the ready.

[15:43] Helicopters went with the first rescued in city hospital in Chiang Rai.

[15:49] Six children rescued from Thai cave, according to officials.

[15:55] Thai authorities are ready to give a short briefing, waiting.

the Ambulance left the scene of the rescue, probably over saved. Perhaps with the rescuers.

"no One is happy and doesn't pop, but rescuers were smiling, when the two boys, told me the man from the cave. The mood is tense because I'm waiting for the rest."

[16:24] the weakest of the boys already got out of the cave. Were very strong, correspondents report from the scene of the rescue.




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