How does it work? | Snow melting installation


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How does it work? | Snow melting installation

Snow melting installation — it is a device for processing, or, in other words, melting of snow and ice in an urban environment. Their use is essential in the winter season when abundant snow utilities to take out the tons of snow that need to be disposed of. Today in Moscow, there are 48 stationary snow melting points. How they work — this was in today's issue!

The Principle of operation of any snow-melting units based on the use of heat, leading to melting of snow. The installation consists of a hopper or chamber, a unit for generating and filtering system.

On the surface of any installation placed a grating, on which trucks dumped the snow masses. In the first stage is primary processing of imported snow – grid delay most large debris. The very same snow-melting chamber located inside the unit under the ground. There is no direct process of forced melting of snow.

As an element for heating snow melting installation may use a diesel or gas burner. The bunker is divided into 2 sections: the first are burners, and the second accumulated snow mass. Burner form the flow of hot gases and direct them on the heat exchanger, and melting the solid precipitation in the cell.

After the formation of melt water special mechanism filters out the remaining debris, and the liquid passes through the local treatment facilities in arrears in sand and other fine particles and discharged into the sewer. This allows to avoid clogging of sewers.

Since the discharge of the snow mass and before their complete dissolution in the melting chamber is about 3-4 minutes. During this time the plant is capable of processing up to 10 tons brought by precipitation.

There is also a more simple method of melting snow — with the help of running water. Snow mass is discharged into a bunker filled with hot water, where it naturally melts. The snow is constantly mixed with the incoming water preheated to eighteen, and sometimes thirty degrees. As these are cleared of snow masses in the foundry, the water level in the hopper rises. Excess water passes through vertical drain pipes and filters and then is discharged into the Sewerage network.

Stationary snow-melting stations are often combined with heating channels and drains, which allows to optimize the operation of equipment.

In Addition to the fixed installations, there are mobile station. They work on the same principles, but in view of the dimensions capable of melting smaller amounts of snow: about 90 cubic meters per hour against 300. The average time of such a smelting unit without refueling is about eight hours.



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