Why animals during eclipses behave strangely


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Why animals during eclipses behave strangely

Many species of animals accustomed to their daily routine, which is constructed in accordance with the cycle of day and night. This change the time of day tells them when they need to look for when you need to migrate to reproduce. Previously it was thought that animal behaviour can only affect the duration of daylight. However, as it turned out, the lunar activity also has a strong influence on their lives.

The Synodic cycle — the period of full change of all lunar phases from new moon to new moon, which is about 29.5 days – leads to changes in the Earth's magnetic field, and also in the level of illumination at night. Unlike humans, many animal species are able to notice and respond to these changes. The same mass coral spawning coincides with the full moon or new moon. But what happens to animals when the Moon and the Sun, something unusual happens, for example, dim?

What happens to animals during a solar Eclipse?

Among all the astronomical phenomena, perhaps, often leads to unusual behaviour among animals. Puzzled animals, accustomed to daily activity suddenly find themselves in "night" conditions, and animals who are accustomed to night life, I think I slept through it and awakened abruptly. A solar Eclipse occurs when the Sun, Moon and Earth line up so that the Moon from the Earth covers the moon. While everyone is watching this very beautiful phenomenon, many animals around the world literally starts to go crazy.


For Example, some types of spiders with the solar Eclipse begin to unravel his web, just like they do in the late afternoon. As soon as the astronomical event is completed, they are puzzled, you begin to weave the web again. Many types of fluorescent fish and birds go to their place for the night. A nocturnal species, the same bats, deceived by the sudden darkness, Wake up.

Observations show that hippos in Africa during the solar Eclipse out of the water and head to the places of night feeding. Halfway to their target, the Eclipse ends, and the poor animals do not understand what to do. Being in such a stressful situation, they feel awful the rest of the day.

How animals behave during an Eclipse of the moon?

A lunar Eclipse occurs when the Moon lies in the shadow of the Earth and we can't see her completely (full lunar Eclipse) or partially (private). During this phenomenon, the Earth is on the line between the Moon and the Sun. The so-called "blood moon" occur only when the full moon disk is closed by the shadow of our planet. Scientists difficult to determine the difference in influence of different types of lunar eclipses on animal behavior. But this influence just is.

When observing monkeys Azar – a typical night view during lunar eclipses was noticed that they suddenly stopped the search of food. Apparently, for them, everything around becomes so dark that they just don't see food or are unable to move safely through the trees.

About three times a year there is a supermoon. It coincides with the full moon or new moon, as well as the moment of closest approach the moon and Earth. At this time the Moon is at 46 000 km closer to our planet. In heaven, therefore it looks bigger.

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When superlunar the level of illumination at night becomes 30 percent higher than at any other time of the lunar monthly cycle. Recent observations suggest that Barnacle geese (the small geese) are highly sensitive to these SUPERLINE. Scientists have found the birds are compact devices that monitor their physiological state. It turned out that during SUPERLINE in geese increased heart rate and body temperature, although at night there is usually a different picture. At the same time the birds did not react to the full moon, if the Moon is hidden behind clouds. It turns out, the bright light of the satellite causes them to Wake up and think about what already it was morning.

How the lunar cycle affects human?

Centuries people were interested in the relationship between lunar cycles and their impact on human rights. Many tales were filled with her interaction. I'm sure you have heard stories about werewolves? Previously it was thought that lunar cycles may somehow lead to the physiological changes of a person.

The influence of the moon tried to attribute literally everything. In the level of fertility, epilepsy, mental health people. Some still believe that the full moon increases the crime rate.

However, studies show that no effect on human behavior of the moon has not.

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