Soon the plane will be only one pilot. Why?


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Soon the plane will be only one pilot. Why?

One pilot in the aircraft — perhaps not the best idea.

On Board the many reasons that cause people to panic. Some of them are completely irrational — I begin to think about the state of the pilots. Tired do they? Tense? Pay enough attention to all the details? Many passengers feel safer from the fact that the cockpit is not one, but two people (this is the minimum number of people in the cockpit depends on the aircraft model and the policy of the airline). But what if instead of two pilots of the airliner will operate one? Or if we do get rid of the pilots?

This year, the head of Boeing said that in the next 20 years the civil aviation industry will need more than 1.5 million new pilots and personnel servicing aircraft. If we distribute this amount over the years, it may seem that it is not so large. The problem is that the shortage of pilots is acutely apparent now. And there it is in all over the world.

the Shortage of pilots in the world

So, in the Russian aviation institutions have been arguing that pilots are sorely lacking. This is due to their high demand overseas and rising costs for education and training. The process of training pilots long enough — from three to five years, it is quite difficult to predict and there is a shortage of personnel. And since no pilots, no qualified instructors who could teach beginners.

Or here is a vivid example from the United States — in the past year, California has covered forest fires, to extinguish that required a special aircraft. Surprisingly, at least one fifth of all such aircraft are unable to rise into the air. Why? No, the condition was fine, just wasn't the pilots who can operate planes.

Although it is possible to say that aviation is developing waves, particularly over the past few years, airlines have faced a serious shortage of pilots, and already no one denies this. To solve the problem of recruiting new personnel still does not work (some companies even raised the salaries of pilots in a few times, but it did not help). What are the outputs in this situation?

Aircraft with a single cabin

Yet single make only small planes

The Developers of wide-body passenger aircraft CR929, which is created by the Russian "United aircraft Corporation" and the Chinese Corporation COMAC, recently its own decision — the single cockpit for the aircraft. Moreover, we consider two options — as a cabin for one pilot and stand-alone cabin with minimum human involvement. In the first case the pilot will fly the plane as before (only one), the second — to intervene in the management only when necessary.

Double cockpit CR929

Now according to the norms of aviation security must be at least two people. This is mainly done for emergencies: for example, if one pilot gets sick, the other will be able to continue the flight and land the plane. And during long flights the pilots in the two-man crew can keep the liner in turn. How safe will be the option of a single cabin, is not yet clear, but in any case the aeronautical authorities shall adopt appropriate amendments to the flight rules, before such aircraft are in the air. Aviation experts believe that this can happen in the next 10 years.

the Plane — drone

The Army is already using unmanned aerial vehicles the size of a small aircraft for combat operations, where they are controlled remotely or fly on a pre-marked trail. Moreover, the pilots rely on in 95% of today's flights, why not automate the remaining 5% — off and landing?

On the one hand, Autonomous aircraft can actually be more secure. Computers do not suffer from mental stress that leads to incidents like what happened with the second pilot Andreas Lubiam that in 2015 sent the passenger plane Germanwings directly to the mountain in the French Alps. Plane crashes today occur rarely but when they happen, figure out why it all becomes harder and harder. That is why investigations are often focused on "human factors" and trying to put psychological and physiological problems as a possible cause.

Experience in this field already have — in 2016, the Chinese company introduced the world's first passenger drone Ehang 184 running on electricity. In the near future civil aviation could try to switch to full Autonomous control.

the world's First passenger drone Ehang 184

But if it works, will always remain one problem: the risk of potential hacking drone ship. Ground systems must possess an extremely high degree of protection and possibly cyber security military grade. What do you think, what other problems can arise from the use of Autonomous systems? Please share your opinion in .

How to stop being afraid to fly?

the layout of the aircraft CR929

Whether it's a remote-controlled plane or driven artificial intelligence system, whether the person pushing the button or not, or the ground crew will pull the strings wireless, remains an important unanswered question is do we feel safer in flight? It is unlikely. People can be more difficult to accept the idea of drones because when the train or the car loses control while under autopilot control, it's not necessarily broken. And the plane falls from the sky, and there's nothing to do. A nervous when traveling in the car or on the train, but this number is negligible in comparison with those who do not tolerate the flights.


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