It was the first in the history of the fatal fall with a jetpack


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It was the first in the history of the fatal fall with a jetpack

the First deadly fall with a jetpack

Humanity is constantly trying to invent new vehicles or improve existing ones. Today it is no surprise the cars and motorcycles and their safety is growing every year, but for flights in the airspace still seem to be people with something new. Working prototypes of the so-called dzhetpakov was created in the mid-twentieth century, but they are still available for purchase and only is shown at various festivals. And the reason lies in the inaccessibility of their insecurity, because the pilots are constantly in danger of crashing on the ground. This is what recently happened during a festival in Puerto Rico — flying jetpack man fell to the ground from a great height and died.

According to Spanish publication , the accident occurred in an amusement Park on 4 December 2019. Jetpacks ruled the 49-year-old pilot named James Kelman Riches, came from the U.S. state of Florida. While flying the jetpack for yet unknown reasons exploded and a thrill-seeker fell to the ground at least 6 meters in height. He was immediately taken to the hospital, but from the received traumas he has died.

How dangerous jetpacks?

As dramatically as it sounds, a fatal case involving a jetpack was supposed to happen someday. The fact that the fall in flight on the jetpack this is not uncommon, so in most cases the flights are conducted above the water surface. What killed the Kelman Riches flew over the amusement Park is a rarity and the organizers clearly realized the danger of extreme numbers. Fortunately, at the time of the fall of the extremals in the Park have almost no visitors.

jetpacks are among the most dangerous aircraft

Jet pack at the time had crippled even his own inventor Wendell Moore. In 1961, during the tests, the inventor džetpaka injured his leg and testing had to be his assistant Harold Graham. He became the first man to fly on a jet pack, but for decades of the existence of this technology, the security issue still has not been solved.

jetpack was first shown in the film "Thunderball" in 1965.

Despite this, in 2019 the French inventor Franky Zapata decided to fly a jetpack across the English channel. You probably already guessed or know what this flight was not without contingencies. The fact that half way through the pilot, it was necessary to fill the knapsack down on the ship. However, he miscalculated the trajectory, missed and fell right into the water. Fortunately, no serious injuries Franky Zapata has not received.

is Recommended to look at the preparations

It is Noteworthy that this is not the only accident with the jetpack. At the time, into the water fell the thrill-seeker Richard Browning, and the pilot of the American Apollo project fell to the ground and broke his jaw and ribs.

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Perhaps after the deaths manufacturers dzhetpakov finally work on the safety of their aircraft. However, the accident may suspend the development of some projects like . And all because at these competitions, the risk of falling from a great height and much more this fall will surely be fatal.


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