What happens when science is inspired by nature?


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What happens when science is inspired by nature?

the Device of the future may replicate the structure of real animals

For millions of years natural selection has shaped animals and plants around us. So, the wise nature came up with solutions for almost every existing problem, by creating many amazing adaptations, which are currently actively studied the curious human mind. Inspired by the example of the world, scientists are finding new solutions to old problems in different areas of our lives, from medicine to physics. In order for you to be able to confirm this, in this article you will find many examples of successful interaction between man and nature, from which even quite recently we wanted to skim.

Trains of the future with a bird's beak

When Japanese engineers developed their own , one of the problems was the fact that the high speed of the vehicle has provoked the appearance of absurdly loud shock wave in tunnels, which could damage their structural integrity. When scientists began to analyze the cause of such a loud noise, it turned out that the blunt nose of the train, simply displacing the air in front of himself, producing an unpleasant effect.

Kingfisher and advanced Japanese train

Watching nature for inspiration, engineers found bird Kingfisher. These birds dive headfirst into the water when hunting prey, but due to the special shape of their beak, they do it with virtually no splash and no sound. When the Japanese trains were re-registered in accordance with the structure of the long narrow beak of a Kingfisher, trains not only become quieter, but have become faster, while consuming less power.

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How to upgrade a solar panel?

As you know, one of the most promising ways of obtaining clean energy can be considered as its synthesis by using . In order to increase the productivity of panels in the development of solar energy, scientists have turned to nature for advice. Focusing on the study of moths, whose in darkness is one of the best, the researchers found that their eyes absorb a lot of sunlight, giving the organs of the moths black. At the same time, the eyes of moths are covered with small tubercles, which are necessary for the organs of sight moth to absorb a large amount of light. Once applying this feature to the modern solar panels, humanity runs the risk of a once powerful and absolutely harmless to the environment source of energy.

Vision of the mole is one of nature's finest

How to work swimwear for speed?

When it comes to competitive swimming, the possibility of reducing resistance in the water gets critical, which may determine the future career of the athlete. Trying to get much needed title, swimmers shave their body hair and carefully choose a swimsuit to get the least resistance when sailing at speed. In order to alleviate the plight of the athletes, was created a special swimsuit which was watching an incredible swimming abilities of a shark, capable of speeds up to 74 kilometers per hour. According to information from the manufacturer, swimwear brand FastSkin really increase the speed of the swimmer thanks to the availability of special air-tightness, which makes swimmers more streamlined in the water.

FastSkin Swimwear brand, created in the swimming abilities of a shark.

robots — the doctors of the future

With the development of modern medicine, soon you could settle the tiny medical robot that was created with the inspiration appearance of the fish-demon and an ordinary worm. Theoretically, the robot will float in your body in search of tumors, blood clots and other disorders, eating, at the same time, coming from outside glucose. There's only one problem: the appearance of the robot can push away anyone, including even the most picky patient.

Inspired by the appearance of the fish-demon, scientists decided to create a highly original version of the robot doctor.

Who invented the aircraft?

Perhaps one of the most obvious cases of biomimicry is the plane. Since ancient times people looked at birds in dreams that one day they will rise to the sky. In the end, the dream was realized, first visiting the parchments Leonardo da Vinci drawings of the first aircraft, which was similar to bird's wings and tail.

Model airplane version of Leonardo da Vinci

Inspired by the structure of birds, scientists have come up with the first concept of an airplane in the history of mankind, although he never earned in the manner which they were hoping to see the famous Italian scientist. Bringing to mind the technology of da Vinci, today we have the opportunity to visit anywhere in the world, which lasted only a few hours of your time. In that case, perhaps nature can teach us more interesting things?


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