Another platform is Google interested Samsung?


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Another platform is Google interested Samsung?

When it comes to innovation, people often think about Google, Samsung and Apple. The search giant not only develops the most popular OS for mobile devices, but also provides many popular services. Samsung is a supplier to the market the most popular mobile devices, and Apple launches the iPhone, which the company is not the first move that changed the idea to a wide audience about technology. It is not excluded that Samsung will release a product, the likes of which the company has not yet delighted the audience, and at its heart is technology from Google.

If confirmed is shown a known benchmark Geekbench, Samsung will eventually show your first entry-level phone for the Android Go. More detail is interesting for many users the message was reviewed by mark Jansen (Mark Jansen) on the resource page .

Yet to be announced today, the device proved under the model number SM-J260G. Consider the smartphone is based on the chipset Exynos 7570, features a Quad-core CPU. The upcoming device is equipped with one Gigabyte of RAM. Such very modest technical characteristics correspond to those typical for smartphones based on the software platform Android Go. Specify also the number of the motherboard — "universal7570_go" that makes considering the rumors more reasonable.


What may be the first Android Go smartphone from Samsung?

Operating system model SM-J260G — the latest version of Android Oreo — Android 8.1 Oreo. Since the upgrade to Android 8.1 Oreo is not granted even for flagship devices from Samsung, it suggests that the smart phone will be running the stock version of the operating system is less demanding on device resources.

Android Go is an expression of the commitment of the search giant Google to enter fast-growing markets dominated by budget phones. Android Go is less demanding on system resources of the mobile device version of the stock Android OS. It is designed to work on weaknesses in the current understanding of the hardware. There is also a version apps G Suite from Google, which are optimized for devices of initial level and is able to work with small drives.

Since we are talking about software that is directly provided by Google, Android smartphones Go has a distinct advantage — they get security patches and updates directly from the search giant. This allows them to be updated before any other devices, including a lot more productive and impressive for its design and functionality, users sometimes have quite a long wait until the release the smartphone company will not develop their own customized software on the basis of the next version of Android. Thanks to its qualities like low system resource requirements, and quickly provide updates, Android devices, Go enjoys great popularity in emerging markets, including Brazil and India.

There was even some suggestion regarding how can call new. They are based on the model number and typical of Samsung's approach to name their smartphones. The device may be one of the phones under the Galaxy series J. as the probable names under consideration previously smartphone called Galaxy Core J2.


Samsung has already released under the Galaxy J is very unusual smartphone

As is widely known, Galaxy line J is a line of budget smartphones from the South Korean technology giant, and in the past the company has experimented within that framework, presenting an unusual soup. Recently, for example, Samsung was released previously considered by the online version of Galaxy J2 Pro without access to the Internet, specifically designed for students preparing for the test College Scholastic Ability Test provided for admission to College in South Korea.

The version of the Galaxy Pro J2 without the Internet — previously released by Samsung in South Korea, the smartphone is distinguished by the absence of superior quality, for which most of the users appreciate smart phones. Supported basic functions, including voice and text communication, but support 2G, 3G, 4G LTE and Wi-Fi as they are not provided.

Mobile device without access to the Internet is intended primarily for students who need to focus on their studies and not be distracted from it. Not having access to social networks, games and even a web browser, learners will be engaged only in acquisition of new knowledge. However, this smartphone can appeal not only to students but also to the users that the possibility to make calls and exchange text messages will be enough.

Galaxy J2 Pro is equipped with 5-inch QHD Super AMOLED display. On its rear panel is an 8-megapixel camera. The front panel of the device features a 5-megapixel selfie camera. The chipset of the device under consideration is characterized by a 1,4-gigagertsevym Quad-core CPU. RAM Galaxy Pro J2 — 1.5 gigabytes. As the storage location of the considered mobile only uses microSD cards. The battery capacity of the smartphone from the South Korean tech giant, which does not have access to the Internet is 2600 mAh.

In the software of the smartphone, the application provides "Diodict4" — an electronic dictionary that can be very useful to those who study languages. Among other functions of the smartphone — Calendar, FM radio and Calculator. The device is even equipped with LTE modem, but all of its features, in addition to voice calls and text messages, is disabled.

Galaxy J2 Pro is available to consumers in two colors — black and gold. The price of the device corresponds to 190 US dollars.

Discuss Android Go smartphone, which may please Samsung, and other unusual mobile device, which will be presented, readers can ....


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