Microsoft started selling the Galaxy S9 with his


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Microsoft started selling the Galaxy S9 with his

The Functionality of a modern smartphone is one of the most important qualities of the device. A set of functions determined by the software that installed on smart phone. FOR Microsoft is not the first decade is in great demand among users of computer technology. And the software giant has started to offer consumers Galaxy S9, which predostavlyayutsya its applications.

Microsoft started selling customized models of Galaxy Galaxy S9 and S9+, the flagship smartphone from Samsung, which are running the Android operating system presented a market leader in smart phones at the recent fair of mobile technology MWC 2018. Both handsets are now available for purchase by consumers directly from the Microsoft store. For more details on this topic was reviewed by Dominic Bosniacum (Dominik Bosnjak) on the resource page .

Software devices customized with a range of mobile applications from Microsoft. It should be noted that these smartphones are not called "Microsoft Edition", because the company Samsung has previously objected to adding the brand to another company to name its products, regardless of whether pre-installed some applications from Microsoft and do they sell the devices directly developing the Windows operating system by the company.

The two new flagship smartphone from Samsung became available for pre-order in Microsoft Store. Their deliveries will start next Friday, March 16, 2018. However, on this day the ruler of the Galaxy S9 and debuts on the world market.

The Price of phablet is smaller 719,99 the US dollar. Smartphone with a large screen size is 839,99 the US dollar. When you first load the operating system on each of the two devices purchased through Microsoft, will be installed designed for Android mobile operating system apps from the software giant, including Microsoft Launcher, formerly known users under the name of Arrow Launcher. Provided by Microsoft version of the new flagship from the South Korean tech giant is based on the 845 chipset Snapdragon from Qualcomm and is characterized by a 64-GB capacity embedded flash drive.

New flagships are an example implementation in consumer devices great technologies are discussed in greater detail by the resource .

For a long time, Samsung is the world's largest supplier of panels OLED displays. These panels are also offered by LG Display and AU Optronics, but OLED displays from Samsung are widely considered the best offerings in its class. Software testing firm DisplayMate called set Samsung for iPhone X OLED displays the best mobile display they've ever tested. The S9 displays are considered even better in terms of color correctness, brightness, color and reflectivity of the screen.

A Lot of enthusiasm and got the cameras new phones. As is already well known to lovers of new technologies, the S9 camera Plus with two lenses, scored 99 points in DxOMark testing. And this is the highest score that's ever shown a smartphone camera.

Samsung has used in this camera proprietary image sensors, supporting a variable aperture up to f/1.5, which improves the quality of shooting in low light. In addition, the chamber S9 is able to record video at 720p at an impressive speed — 960 frames per second.

It is Noted also more convenient than the Galaxy S8, the location of the fingerprint scanner.

For many years, the company Samsung has sought to make its phones were different from the proposals of other vendors, and reduced dependence on apps and Google services. For this the customers were offered alternative applications and cloud services (maybe some people still remember the Samsung Music Hub?). Significant changes were also evident in the user interface that is devices Samsung software shell on top of Android operating system.

But the placement on top of the operating system new S9 user interface from the vendor's devices may mean that they will receive operating system updates later than the owners of smartphones from the search giant Google and Nokia and Lenovo. Each of these companies prefer to preset it to offer consumers smartphones stock Android OS or software that is very close to the net framework version.

Among the important features of the new Galaxy S9 marked AR Emoji that such Animoji previously found a use in iPhone X. These functions allow the user to create animated Emoji that simulates the look on his face. But in S9 is no, the system TrueDepth characteristic selfie camera device Apple increase the attractiveness of the new function.

Readers can discuss, improve the attractiveness of the new smartphones pre-installed apps from Microsoft.


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