China has created a quantum communication signal via satellite


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China has created a quantum communication signal via satellite

Chinese scientists have created a quantum communication line. Its length exceeds a thousand miles.

An international team of scientists announced the first simultaneous transmission of quantum encrypted message that was sent from space satellites to two ground-based telescope, located at a distance of 1120 miles away from each other. This secure communication channel, the scientists managed to connect the city of Nanshan and Delinha. However, while the data is transferred very slowly – to send one byte takes about a minute and a half. As the Spanish El Pais, despite the fact that the quantum phenomena occurring on a microscopic scale, they can influence the visible world.

What is a quantum communication channel?

Using the satellite «Mo Tzu» physics from China, the UK and Singapore have created a quantum communication channel between two Chinese cities. It should be noted that one of the main problems in the modern quantum communication systems lies in the fact that the light moves through the fiber gradually «dies», so the repeater was used satellite «Mo Tzu» (Micius):

Using a communications satellite «Mo Tzu» we were able to produce quantum key exchange between two ground stations. This became possible due to efficiency of transmission of entangled photons is approximately four times and reaching speeds of 0.12 bits per second. But using a ground-based system of data transmission distance between nodes of quantum networks is only a few hundred kilometers the authors write in the new work.

Theoretically, the quantum distribution is totally secure way to exchange secret keys between remote users. The method is based on the fundamental laws of quantum physics: the process of measuring a quantum system changes its state. As The Conversation, the two particles can be twisted in such a way that what happens to one instantaneously happens to the other, even if they are separated by billions of kilometers. If someone is trying to observe these particles during the transfer, its status is changed, and the entanglement is broken. This property allows you to create a system, it is theoretically impossible to crack, because the very fact of observation destroys the message.

Image provided Juan Yin Nature,/, Nature, 2020

If everything seems to be happening somewhat surprising, you will be interested to learn that for many years , Europe and the USA working on the development of quantum communication networks to send official messages, or create systems of cyber security at strategic sites. Previously in laboratory conditions, the researchers demonstrated an experimental key distribution using optical fiber with a length of 421 km.

In a study in the journal Nature, scientists describe in detail the transmission of a secret key, written in pairs of entangled photons — particles of light via satellite «Mo Tzu», which revolves at a distance of 500 kilometers from the Earth. Satellite use is critical because the transmission of these messages using an optical fiber loses a lot of photons, so repeaters are required every 100 or 150 kilometres. Moreover, the relay with all its mechanical components can be hacked.

the World of quantum information

It is Noteworthy that in the published study, the researchers demonstrate their communication system against various types of attacks and show that it is safe. Its speed and efficiency is 100 million times higher than that of ground-based optical fibers. the Work lays the Foundation for a global quantum communication network the authors of the study. And really, so far nobody has been able to transmit quantum messages at such a great distance.

The government of China for many years invested large sums of money in new technology of quantum communication in space and on earth. In the above experiment the researchers were able to connect Beijing and Shanghai to the fiber optic network for the transmission of quantum keys. In addition, the country has set several records in the field of communications from space, for example, transfer in 2017, a quantum key, which allowed to support a conference call between Vienna and Beijing at a distance of over 7000 kilometres, by the way, also via satellite of the satellite «Mo Tzu».

Quantum communication is a set of methods for the transmission of encoded information in quantum States from one point to another.

The Difference is that last time the satellite acted as a safe storage of the key when moving from point a to point B. It was during the signal transmission is vulnerable to espionage. Recall that the concept of quantum communication was invented in Europe, and that here was held the first fundamental experiments in this area. But since China is making a big bet on the development of this technology, this research is generously funded. The authors also believe that the success of the latest experiment in pushing Europe to develop its own network, however, using their technology. Can't not mention, a bit strange, because science has no boundaries.

One way orotherwise, the next milestone would be the use of geostationary satellites, located at a distance of about 35,000 kilometers from Earth will increase the distance that can be transmitted encrypted messages using quantum technology. What do you think, what will lead us to the creation of quantum communication systems? Response


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