Why not to sleep with a nightlight?


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Why not to sleep with a nightlight?

fear of the dark can damage your health

We have written many times how important it is to human sleep. During a night's rest, our body rejuvenates, fights with possible diseases and even . Since sleep plays in our life a huge role, we should treat it with great attention and responsibility. Recently, scientists from Japan's Nara city found that during sleep, a night-light in humans can develop a deadly disease. For people who are generally hazardous any while sleeping, even from shining outside the window of the lantern. But what are the diseases were and why they develop?

As if people were not afraid of sleep for a full night's rest he needs complete darkness. In the absence of light inside our body produces melatonin, a vital hormone that is responsible for controlling circadian rhythms and reduces blood pressure. But if the room is shining a light, or from the window of the moon or a street lamp, the production of this substance slows down. As a result, people less sleep, it increases blood pressure and raises other health problems.

is it Possible to sleep with the lights on?

Due to high blood pressure, irregular metabolism, and other factors, a person may develop atherosclerosis. This term refers to disease of the circulatory system, when the arteries lose their elasticity and cease to adequately provide the body with blood. If the blood ceases to flow in any part of the brain, a person can have a stroke. This disease can paralyze a human or simply to kill him.

Light pollution — one of the main problems of the modern world

The Relationship between sleep in a light room and the development of atherosclerosis have been found by Japanese researchers from the Medical University of Nara city. For more than three years, they studied the life of 989 men and women aged 71 to 77 years. Their rooms were installed to the ceiling lamps and the subjects had to sleep with the lights on. Studying their health status, the researchers found that when you sleep with the light people have indeed experienced more symptoms of atherosclerosis.

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It is Noteworthy that the progression of the disease was not associated with other known factors increasing their risk. These include, for example, include age, obesity, presence of harmful habits like alcohol abuse and Smoking. So, besides the fact that all of us should abandon bad habits and follow a healthy diet, you must also correctly to sleep.

Usually most of the tips for improving sleep are reduced to a mandatory , non-use of electronic devices and refusal to eat for a few hours before departure to bed. But also don't neglect the masks for sleeping — no matter how you tried, sometimes from the city light from the window other ways to escape. Get out of the situation except that window curtains blackout curtains.

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Generally, bright light night cities brings a lot of problems. Because of the bright street lamps and storefronts scientists are sometimes unable to observe space objects. And animals, like us, have serious problems with sleep.


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