Scientists want to re-freeze the Arctic


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Scientists want to re-freeze the Arctic

In recent years, pretty much the level of the world ocean. But the rise of the water level threatens not only the sushi flooding of coastal regions. As melting ice, roughly speaking, "dilutes" the water of the sea, the warm currents become colder. All this may not adversely impact on the climate of our planet. However, recently a group of scientists and architects have offered to freeze the Arctic again. And a very elegant way.

Why is it important to restore the Arctic

In Addition to the threat of climate change, which we have already mentioned, over the past few decades the Arctic ocean has lost about 30% of their ice cover. As a result of the endangerment of wild animals of cold regions such as seals, polar bears, wolves, penguins and other animals.

How to freeze the Arctic?

The Authors of the project propose to use special submarines that will dive into the depths of the ocean, to collect sea water, filtered from salts and freeze it. The output will be small chunks of ice in the shape of hexagons. For the production of each piece will require 2027 cubic meters of water. All the hexagons can be combined with each other or pastikova them from the side, or "throwing" under the glacier.

Our goal is the restoration of Arctic ecosystems, which has a direct impact , — says one of the authors of the project Faris Rajah of Katakataka.

Why this may not work?

It's simple: this approach treats the formation of new glaciers, roughly speaking, a symptom, not the disease. The disease in this case — global warming. This is acknowledged by the authors themselves, but their ideas may help to slow the destruction of the planet, until we figure out what to do with global warming.

Our project will not stop global warming, but the melting flow restoration will help preserve the fauna of the Arctic.

Also at the moment it is not clear where the submarines will take energy to work. Because of the whole "fleet" (and then, of course, a couple of submarines will not do) you just need some tremendous amount of energy, and it may even stronger emission of gases into the atmosphere.

This is interesting:

The Only option is to use "clean" energy like solar panels or hydrogen fuel, but this approach makes the project prohibitively expensive, and in this case the resources where it is more expedient to let the struggle with global warming, not for "freezing" of the ice.

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