And you can? SpaceX has released a real simulation of Crew Dragon docks with ISS


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And you can? SpaceX has released a real simulation of Crew Dragon docks with ISS

This month a new spacecraft from SpaceX Crew Dragon will deliver its first passengers to the International space station. How will this happen? Now you can see what the astronauts see when approaching the ISS. SpaceX has released the real online simulator that allows anyone to try their hand in manually docking the spacecraft with the ISS with the help of the management bodies of Crew Dragon. Yes, the astronauts will have exactly the same interface when they are in space. Spoiler: it's actually very difficult!

Crew Dragon Docking with the ISS online

After you will see the spacecraft Crew Dragon, which are about to dock with the ISS. While your ship is slightly curved relative to the space station. Ahead you will find a virtual vacation on the International space station, to do this you first need to align the angle at which the ship is to the ISS, for a successful docking.

Fortunately, there are a lot of controls to lock the position of the spacecraft to approach the station. But remember that in space this is not so simple as move forward, backward or turn while on the Ground.

If you click once and nothing happens, wait — in space, everything is very slow

The controls on the left are used to move Crew Dragon in space: with their help you can control his movements forward, backward, up, down and side to side (although in space everything is relative). The controls on the right control the rotation, rolling and roll of the ship. Using the display you can find out whether you're on the move. Docking is deemed successful, if all the green values at the center of the display is not higher than 0.2.

Readers have already tested the simulator and write that it is better to make small and precise movements, and not to make large, sudden movements — if you miss the space station entirely, or accidentally bump into her. On the recommendation of SpaceX, when you are at a distance less than 16 feet (5 meters) from the space station, keep the speed below minus 0.6 foot per second (minus 0.2 meter per second), which is displayed on the display.

Almost came to success!

How is the docking with the ISS

But don't expect to reach the ISS in 5 minutes. Docking in space — a slow process, and even the slightest movement you have a lot of time. For example, I tried to make a dock for 20 minutes, but eventually gave up because the fans of my laptop almost sent him into space. Yes, it is better to run such a simulation on a computer with good performance characteristics.

Simulation docking with the ISS

If you have free time and enough patience, you can try to make a docking with the ISS and feel like a real astronaut. But do the real astronauts would face the same difficulties when they have to dock with the space station?

And this is how it looks from the outside of the ISS (if you are inside of the capsule)

In fact, real astronauts who go to space travel on the Crew Dragon, will not need to manually docked the ship, if all goes well. SpaceX programmed the vehicle for automatic docking with the International space station without the need for any intervention from the user (the pilot). However, all astronauts are trained to take control of the spacecraft if necessary.

Perhaps you will make connection better than mine, but it's probably the most difficult video game I've ever seen. However, the very mission with a helicopter in GTA Vice City and it turned out to be easier than that. It is not surprising that NASA astronauts undergo years of training before going into space. They need not only to know all the details of the stay on the ISS, but to be able to manage such complex ships.

SpaceX also released a video on Twitter showing how a potential astronaut passes through the dock with the same software. The voice on the ship reminds the crew that we need to be mindful of security, including lowered visors of their helmets before the operation. You can see how the astronauts plan their actions in space.

The First 10 years of launching astronauts to the ISS, which will be held in the USA, scheduled for may 27 at 16:32 (23:32 Moscow time) from the launch pad at the space center Kennedy. The SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft to the ISS will deliver the missile . In the past decade, NASA astronauts . Now, it seems that SpaceX will be able to replace it.

the same picture will see a real astronaut


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