What the company will definitely survive the pandemic?


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What the company will definitely survive the pandemic?

In the world in the midst of a pandemic coronavirus, which has already affected millions of people. And I'm not talking only about those who were infected, but also about those who have lost a job, got laid wages or even can no longer conduct business. So the strong impact the global economy have not felt before, even during the financial crisis of 2008. Over the past three weeks almost 17 million Americans filed applications for unemployment benefits; for comparison — for the year of such queries is usually served 10-11 million, not more. And that's while there are no statistics on losses, but, believe me, the situation is not better. Could at least someone to win anything from this pandemic?

Leave the pharmacy — it is clear that at this time they have a lot of work, and close medical industries now, no one will. Another thing — a business that operates offline. It's cafes, restaurants, small shops (not grocery), a variety of services. Even if the country did not close these institutions, they still would have faced great difficulties: the majority of residents sit at home and prefer no one to contact. At this time to keep the restaurant open to visitors simply makes no sense — better focus on delivery. And here I slowly come to those who, despite all the problems, not just able to survive the pandemic, but even something will benefit from it.

In the first place is the services for the delivery of products, equipment and any other goods. If we talk about the United States, in the same new York city (and not only) these services work wear. Jeff Bezos, the head — says the company could hardly cope with the load, so soon wants to hire another 100 000 couriers. Can you imagine? When all companies cut staff, Amazon can afford such a luxury. "Work wear" sounds, of course, not really, but let's not forget that in the case of Amazon it's all money. A lot of money.

That is why the demand for recently soared to an unprecedented 30%. A variety of services for the delivery of goods begin to call yourself a business at the Federal level and increase the state, for example, to deliver the wine! Just a couple of weeks, many of them became millionaires (and even billionaires), and judging by the fact that in the U.S., the situation has not improved, they will continue to build up his fortune. Sooner or later this will end, and the creators of such services will be provided until the end of life.

Now carriers — the most influential people

A Similar pattern can be observed in Russia. I often order products and goods in various services like Ozon or "Delikateska", and there was a time when the delivery had to wait for a few days. Sometimes the products were not brought or were forced to make an order in certain hours (just like in Spain, where to brought you products from Amazon, you need to make in order 00:00). I understand that the services simply cannot cope with the influx of orders from those who are now sitting at home. But another part of me realizes that all this MONEY for them. And if it were not for this whole situation, their profit at the end of last month would have been ten times less.

Another category of companies, which won't be problems — all those in online business. Take the Zoom video conferencing service, which two months ago was known only to the clerks office. Now it is the main method of communication during a pandemic. And Google Glassroom which crossed a Russian school? The demand is growing to enormous values. In March, active daily audience of service for collaborative online work Microsoft Teams increased from 32 million to 44 million people in just a week! And continues to grow rapidly. Already beat the record conversations using this service — people were talking for about 3 billion minutes per day!

music lessons

Not to mention the entertainment industry, which is also on the rise — from streaming services with music and movies to games, which began play in 3 or even 5 times more! You could submit that to the pandemic? Except in the Christmas holidays. And now it happens all the time, and the end of the growth while no one sees. Obviously, such companies will be all «chocolate» during and after the pandemic coronavirus.

What happens when a pandemic

Offline business is now under the greatest threat.

And that is quite. Out service Wildberries (you probably know him, it's something like Amazon, but with less range) employ 3 000 people in 2 weeks. Clearly, there is no problems with money, but there is a problem with the staff. As services such as "Take" and other marketplaces.

Who else exactly will survive ? Of course, IT companies, all of whose business goes online. In Russia such company can be attributed Yandex and Mail.ru. Quarantined their services used by many more people, which, again, provide the Corporation with additional profit. The same "Yandex.Food" is in great demand services online physician and many others. It is now clearly a crisis, and in crisis survive are those whomore "subcutaneous fat", and Russian IT-companies was saving this "fat" for many years.

Well, we should not forget that even in case of problems, namely large companies help in the first place — can you remember what banks received state aid during the financial crisis. Not so long ago, especially for this has been updated of the economy, which includes not only Yandex and Mail.Ru Group, and even Internet operators and other large IT company. SMEs in some countries also help, but their resources are not unlimited.

These companies the government will help in the first place

So after a pandemic will be many — will be closed cafes and restaurants (which are still afloat), the online and offline stores, but no one comes to mind that something serious will happen to Yandex, Wildberries or Sberbank. The world has long wanted to make a less powerful the largest technology companies, but since these companies survive during the crisis, at the end they will only get stronger.

After the pandemic, such signs will become even more


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