Created the image of the "universal fingerprint" that can fool most sensors


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Fingerprint Scanners are no longer a novelty on the market of mobile electronics. They are primarily designed to provide additional security for user data, but a 100% guarantee against unauthorized entry, of course, can not give. Recently, a group of researchers from new York University and the University of Michigan have developed a way to hack almost any device. The fingerprints of the owner it does not need at all!

Specialists of the two universities have created, so to speak, the image «universal fingerprint». In this illustration, there are distinctive features of many different prints of completely different people. As shown by experiments, this fingerprint is enough to fool most low-cost scanners installed in mobile phones, tablets, laptops and other electronics.

To make «the key to all biometric locks», the researchers used a database consisting of more than 800 prints. With the help of special computer algorithm prints were combined in such a way that in the end, the resulting print has similarity to 26-65% with any print, taken from a random person without being in source database.

«Universal fingerprint» and its component parts. Biometric data taken from different people

Naturally, high-tech scanners to deceive thus unlikely to succeed, but devices of daily use may be compromised in this uncomplicated way. The fact that scanners such as TouchID have a small area that doesn't allow them to consider the entire fingerprint, and the sensor «focused» only one fragment. This vulnerability was used by scientists. As they say the researchers,

«There is a very high probability that for multiple attempts authorization provided by the cellular phone system, the scanner can get on a similar site «universal print». If the authorization system will be able to determine several characteristics of the matching prints, she thinks «universal print» in the imprint of the owner and unlocks the electronic device. During testing we were able to successfully fool the scanner in 15 percent of cases, indicating a very large «hole» in this authorization system».


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