Seem went off. Tipping in bitcoin "lightning" attracted 14 million new users


2019-03-07 19:15:07




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The New Protocol continues to storm the audience of Twitter. At least one of the application — really shows off the blistering speed of propagation. As told Bitcoin Magazine Creator utility Sergio Abril, he «stunned» interest and support received from around the world.

Abril 3 months ago created Using the capabilities of the new Protocol Lightning he wanted to give social network users the opportunity to conduct micropayments.

The Purpose — to do the chain Lightning is easier to use and provide users with a simple custodian web wallet for small amounts . As a rule, the main purpose of these funds — tipping and micropayments. According to the developer, the app connected over 200 new users a day. As of 6 March 2019 was was 14.1 thousands of users.

To use the application in Twitter, you just need to download the extension for Chrome or Firefox, register and log in using your Twitter account. You can then share with other users of QR code and to get tips through a network of Lightning.

Source: Bitcoin Magazine

It seemed to Me that the future of Lightning Network for micropayments. However, there were still some rough edges, which hampered the implementation of the system tip. You at least would need to constantly maintain their own node, and for each transaction generate invoice.

To the system, someone started to use it, it should be as simple as possible. According to Abril, so he conceived the idea of creating Tippin. He also noted that after the CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey website one day was visited by 35 thousand people. More data to search for .


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