Holding on-to the adult: the head of Twitter have spent on bitcoins 10 thousand dollars for a week


2019-03-06 23:15:06




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The CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey talked with Marty bent in the podcast Tales from the Crypt. As admitted to Dorsey that he could afford to spend on BTC in no more than 10 thousand dollars a week. He also noted that the Cash App is currently the only public company that's trying to carry the weight. Jack did not call any specific amounts for a long period, just followers it was a paraphrase. About his own limit, Dorsey admitted when I entered the topic about Stacking the Sat Saturday.

Of Course, I've seen Stacking Sat Saturday on Twitter… would love to participate, but I have already exceeded my limit!

Saturday Sat Stacking is a new flash mob, in which users transferred each week $ 25 in bitcoins, in a sign of the growing acceptance of cryptocurrencies. The #stackingsats [Stacking some satoshis] has become so popular that it was supported by Pierre Roshar and other known Cryptoprotected personality. As noted by Dorsey, he will probably be able to join the movement next week, when reset their personal limits.

In the last couple of months Jack Dorsey quite active popularitywith Bitcoin. He even took part in the flashmob to the Lightning-torch, which is transmitted by users of the network LN in the around the world. A couple of days ago torch even Iran, despite government censorship and economic sanctions.

In the podcast Joe Rogan, the head of Twitter that Bitcoin will eventually become the native currency of the Internet. A couple of days ago he made another step toward financial sovereignty and its own node Casa Network to Lightning.

The More data you look at . Also look into to be aware of the situation on the market. Inside the actual capitalization, the graphics and changes in the indices.


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