To what heights will soar Bitcoin during the next bullrun? The forecast of the trader


2019-03-06 15:15:09




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overcome a very long way from zero to its historic high. Now the main cryptocurrency trading below $ 4,000, and the minds of many of capturadora excites the future price of the asset. Analyst under the name TraderScarface recently published a reassuring prognosis — according to him, the Bitcoin's price will range from 102 to 336 thousand dollars during the next bullrun.


the Moon is waiting for

Before the technical analysis of Scarface mentioned some of the most important «funeral» Bitcoin:


    «So, this is the end of Bitcoin» (Forbes, 2011);

    «Bitcoin, the game is over» (Business Insider, 2013);

    «Bitcoin will not survive» (Jamie Dimon, 2015);

    «Bitcoin will fall to zero» (Jamie Dimon, 2018).

Scarface waits for the next upward trend will be similar to previous cycles of growth of the cryptocurrency. He advises «buy Bitcoin», as in the future the digital asset will have enormous value even from the point of view of fundamental analysis. Dozens of incorrect predictions about the death of BTC only confirm the point of view of the trader.

TraderScarface did not directly speak about the specific time frame of your prediction. Judging by his schedule, the peak coming bullrun will be in the second half of 2022. The trader did not give any recommendations on the opening of trading positions for the near future.

The Most casual of investors from cryptocommunist also Bitcoin above $ 100,000 in the future. However, before such a Grand ballroom asset, maybe even lower — up to $ 1000. According to analysts Bloomberg, the formation of the uptrend in the short term will not help the positive price movement of Bitcoin in February.

At the moment, Bitcoin is trading around $ 3890. For the past day, the cryptocurrency has grown by 3.2 percent, while market capitalization increased to 68,38 billion dollars. More interesting information can be found in our .


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