Litecoin jumped above $ 50. Whom to thank for the steep increase?


2019-03-06 02:15:08




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All the efforts of the Litecoin Foundation is gradually bearing fruit — now is a real «digital silver» in Venezuela. A large contribution to this comes from the service Ramesas, which allows local residents to make fast payments in BTC and LTC. From the point of view of fundamental analysis, is one of the key triggers of the current rise of cryptocurrency.

The Overall situation looks like this:

  • Litecoin broke through some important resistance levels over the last couple of days;
  • the
  • Venezuela officially allowed to carry out transactions in LTC in the country;
  • Growth has been accompanied by the rapid increase of trading volumes.

Currently, Litecoin is trading at $ 52. For the past day, the cryptocurrency has risen by 13.76 percent.


Technical analysis

Litecoin is an affordable alternative to Bitcoin, Commission cryptocurrency even lower. This has contributed to the explosive growth of the adoption project in Venezuela where the economic crisis has forced citizens to save their money in digital assets.

From Now on, transactions in LTC, there will be through the platform Patria, which is supervised SUNACRIP, the local financial regulator. Part of it is the aforementioned Ramesas.

The Positive news is immediately visible for the first time in a few months Litecoin has broken the 50 dollars one swift jump.

According to eToro analyst, Mother Grinin, the growth has also affected the upcoming halving coins. Still waiting in August.

While the bulls movement is gaining momentum, but soon the push may be rolled back. That's why we recommend you now do not rush to open long positions at market price.

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Perfect point to enter into trades will be line $ 50. If all goes well, in a couple of weeks Litecoin is expected to grow to $ 70. This is the first point for fixing the profit. Above to get out of position you need, at the levels 100, 120 and 150 dollars.

The Uptrend is accompanied by impressive volumes and high liquidity, which is a very positive sign. The situation on the market stay in ours .


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