Named important feature of the Tesla Model 3 that can save the life of the drivers


2019-02-01 16:15:06




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Maybe between electric and conventional cars externally and there is not much difference, but their internal equipment, of course, radically different. About this as no one else know rescuers that in the case of serious accidents have to rescue the victims of the salons, sawing the back of the car. As it turned out, the Tesla Model 3 are opening much easier than other electric cars of the company. This is due to the special arrangement of the most dangerous parts of electrical construction.

We are Talking about high voltage wires. According to the expert on the architecture of the Tesla Brock Archer, since the Tesla Model X, the company's engineers have seriously worked on their location. The autopsy showed that the Tesla Model 3, they are collected in a more close relationship and not scattered throughout the design. This feature greatly expands the capabilities of the rescue — they can rescue the victims of accidents from almost any angle of the wrecked car without fear that touches the wire with high voltage.

The following image shows that the dangerous leads are mostly on the left rear side of the body and in the middle. As a rule, rescue victims, you can simply sawn area of the doors where dangerous items are simply not. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about the Tesla Model X — it is equipped with mechanical doors with vertical opening. Of course, to them attached to an electrical wire that may be affected by the opening of the car.

It May seem that Tesla cars get into accidents much more often than others. Actually it is not — explaining that the incident with his car too often publicised in the media. Because of this attention to isolated cases at Tesla and the almost complete indifference to the accidents with the cars of competitors the company's reputation is very lame. To prove that the accident with the participation of Tesla not happen often, the company promised about incidents.

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