#video | Autopilot, Tesla has helped to avoid accidents in icy conditions


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In the summer of 2018, the automatic driving system Tesla was considered insufficiently developed to allow her to control the car without driver intervention. The company promised and seems to be really did a great job on improving the technology. This is evidenced by the video made by one of the owners of the electric car Tesla Model 3 — the video recorder captured the moment when the autopilot was returned to the car in your lane while skidding on icy roads.

The driver of the car named Eric Laferrier said that the incident occurred while riding along the highway outside canadian city of Montreal. On slippery road it skidded on two lanes to the right, but the automatic control system easily returned the car to its place and helped to avoid traffic accidents. It is believed that the main roles are played maneuver the traction control system and four-wheel drive.

other manufacturers also know how to control cravings. However, Eric is sure that Tesla Model 3 was capable of greater things than competing electric cars:

I never touched the steering wheel, everything was done the automatic driving system. The steering wheel was moving so fast that I allowed the machine to handle the situation on their own.

Eric is not the first owner of the Tesla Model 3, confident in the extraordinary abilities of the car. In August 2018, is the author of YouTube-channel Tesla Canuck assured that the autopilot literally saved his life. The video below shows how he dodged a car, overtake it at a speed of about 150 km/h.

The possibilities of technology, the Tesla is impressive, but even the company itself does not recommend to fully trust automatic control. The driver just have to be vigilant on the road and be ready to grab the steering wheel and take control.

What do you think, does the autopilot can save lives, or are these videos staged? Your opinion you can write in the comments or at .


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