Self-driving cars of tomorrow will be completely different feels


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Self-driving cars of tomorrow will be completely different feels

Take a Look at any modern car and will see a lot of the same materials of which made the first cars. Leather, wood, metal, General sense of luxury, the relationship with your favorite textures and things. You can find synthetic materials, the era of aircraft and spacecraft. Vinyl, leather, velour, smooth plastic — all this in the car became a symbol of technological reliability and complexity.

Since the automakers are adapting to the world of smartphones and preparing for the changes that come along with autonomy, Sheringham and other separation benefits, together with this will change everything that you touch and feel inside the car.

For the last time the world had come to love new materials: carbon fiber, fake carbon fiber, black lacquer, fake black lacquer, clear acrylic and more. Meanwhile, automakers have found new applications of familiar materials. They leave the wood untreated to show the natural roughness. They cover patterns of aluminum and magnesium to give them texture. They rubbed the skin to show different color and texture. They add pink gold and copper in modern equipment to satisfy the tastes of consumers.

It All seems fresh and looks nice, but importantly, also serves as a guide to new technologies like full electrification or self-government.

"We use traditional materials like glass, metal, leather, wood but incorporate them a little differently to reflect the specifics of electric transport," says the head of Bentley interior design Brett Boydell, talking about the recently introduced concept electric sports car EXP12 Speed 6e. His team replaced the familiar sound of a petrol engine visual ignition lights on the glass touchscreen when the car moves off quietly. "We have a screen in the passenger area reminiscent of a black lacquer piano, but this screen is so remarkable, the surface reveals its technology when you want it," says Boydell. "And we use copper trimmers to hint at electrical wiring".

Clients other problems. Vegan skin substitutes, fast-growing and easily replaceable trees like bamboo or banana leaves, recycled fabric lead to a new interest.

"There is not so much in the skin, as in finding other ways forward," says Derek Jenkins, design Director California startup producing luxury electric cars Lucid Motors. "How to make the feel of the materials more attractive for premium and resilient enough to be able to include in the luxury car, but to have the feel of a traditional skin? How to use valuable materials to a minimum, but with maximum effect?".

Partly it's taking consumers on a new path, just as an unfamiliar technology is like a car battery and connect to the sockets require learning and engagement. "You show all this, so that users appreciated the intrinsic value and our sensitive approach," explains bill Chergosky working on the interiors for Toyota. "All of this adds value and becomes significant".

Some follow-up manifested feelings. As soon as the car is adapting to new usages and applications, that happens with the taste of the consumer. "Here you have the traditional lover of luxury who value the heritage and tradition the old-fashioned way, and less focused on technology," says Jenkins. "But you have a rich technology-oriented consumer who truly appreciates the technology and experience that technology brings in everything else. He is even able to donate handmade and traditional materials, to test new technology before others."

This preference technologies before other sectors can lead to a kind of aesthetic asceticism, as demonstrated by the recent Kolokolnya big screen cars like the Toyota Prius and Tesla Model S. it can Also lead to trends, which is disposable and transforming elements, such as OLED and LCD displays fade into the background, and users choose a more durable, stable, reliable materials. Some designers call this trend "superanalogue".

"the Interior becomes more concentrated around the screens, so it becomes important to have analog candy to satisfy people," says global Director of Mercedes-Benz design Gorden Wagener. "People love jewelry, something tangible that you can touch, something reliable that you can pass the legacy. Luxury is first and foremost reliability, margin of safety."

However, the interiors of the cars of the future can go invisible, but very tangible materials. In Asia and the middle East, light and aroma are the key empirical clues and can even determine a mood in a long, tedious trip. In today's global industry, these elements found a place. "Flexible ambient lighting, zone settings, moods, colors," says Jenkins of Lucid. "And flavor is also important. The question is, how deep will you go? Try to limit the materials or do you try to make the environment, say, in the lobby of the hotel or premises for retail trade".

As soon as there is a tendency towards autonomy, separation and connection of the cars of the future become important and other physical representations. In the end, if behind the wheel of your car will regularly get someone else to take care of timely washing of hands and sterilization of the cabin.


Tesla Model 3

Meanwhile, in the world leaked photos initially "empty" of the interior of a Tesla Model 3. When the company Elon musk first introduced the Model 3 last year, the response was immediate and impressive. The number of pre-orders surpassed even the most optimistic analysts ' forecasts. Even Tesla CEO Elon Musk was stunned by the huge interest in the mass market of electric vehicles of the company. With the mass production of Model 3, which will begin in a few weeks, it is considered that the number of orders of electric vehicle will reach 400 000.

It is Worth saying that the initial representation of the Model 3 was not final. On the contrary, Tesla insisted that the car is working. This statement seemed to take for granted in the background of the empty interior shown at the beginning. Although the interior of the Tesla even fully loaded Model S — never reached the bells and whistles of its competitors in the face of any BMW, initially the interior of the Model 3 was terribly empty, as the pictures below.

Even for a car over $ 35,000 is an empty design. In truth, you can find a much more complex and elaborately decorated interiors of the cars, which cost a lot less. However, the final version of Model 3 should be a little more elegant.

Elon Musk not only promised that the steering wheel would be akin to the control of the spacecraft, but recent photos of Model 3 on the open road show that Tesla is hard at work on his new car.

Not so long ago in the Network appeared clear photo of the Model 3, which hints at the future standard design nearly self-driving electric cars. Shipment will begin by the end of this year. While Elon Musk is almost confirmed that the dashboard Model 3 will not be quite futuristic, as many wanted. From the point of view of Tesla, when the car can travel on their own, the traditional set of tools becomes less necessary.

"the more Autonomous it becomes, the less you need the dashboard. How often do you glance at the speedometer when riding in a taxi?", — wrote in his Twitter Elon Musk.



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