New Tesla Model 3 is gaining "hundreds" of 5.6 seconds


2017-05-26 14:15:04




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Some technical characteristics of Tesla Model 3 electric car whose mass production is scheduled to begin in July this year, was published on the official website of Tesla. According to available information, the new model with a starting price tag of $ 35,000 to be able to accelerate to "hundreds" of 5.6 seconds.

Despite the fact that it is much slower than the Model S, it should be remembered that the latter is almost twice as expensive. The initial price tag for the base version of the Model S in the US is 69 $ 500. At the same time, apparently, acceleration Model 3 are slightly better than the performance of a direct competitor in the face of the Chevy Bolt, which is in the same price range as the cheap electric car from Tesla. To 100 kilometers per hour the car from Chevy is able to accelerate in 6.5 seconds.

It Should also be noted that the reserve Model 3 from one charging will be slightly more than 215 miles (350 kilometers). This is somewhat less than can boast the same Bolt. He, in turn, on a single charge can travel about 380 kilometers.

The Hotly anticipated Tesla Model 3 has garnered an impressive 252 000 pre-orders just two days after its announcement. The total number of pre-orders currently stands at about 400,000. Maybe a car and fast, but the production moves at the speed of a turtle. Unfortunately for those who have already managed to pre-order also leaked information on Tesla Model 3 Owners Club confirms the data that the buyers will have to wait for a car until at least mid-2018.


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