"Knuckles" tar Strap will allow for typing on the head and the wall


2017-02-04 16:30:04




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Some enthusiasts and small companies continue to invent the analogues of the usual devices, occasionally creating something amazing and interesting. So Tap Systems made «smart knuckles», which allows to write the letters, making certain movements of the fingers and hand, wearing this very unusual gadget.

But how is it possible to print? It's very simple! Most importantly — to learn certain movements and their combinations, and everything would go by itself like clockwork. In order to teach people to write letters with gestures, the developers even released a special app for smartphones, called Tap Genius. The developers claim that fully comfortable with the device the program allows you about an hour, but note that the new method of printing still can someone not like it.

There are different reasons that can push a person to typing this way — says one of the creators of the tap Strap — but if you don't want or think the device is useless, it's okay, we can't force it.

The Creators of the gadget emphasize that because of their device the user will be able to print using any surface. Desk, wall, floor, your own head — not so important! If you want to try, why not? Join others the suffering on the developers.

The Price and the date of the sale to the creators of the device are not revealed yet.


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