Freedom Class Giant Drone Racing — NASCAR drone


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Freedom Class Giant Drone Racing — NASCAR drone

Race of drones — the lesson interesting, fascinating, but not too spectacular. Usually drones are small and fast, so the viewer keep an eye on them pretty hard. Such competitions don't attract a mass audience, so the Australian enthusiast Chris Ballard, who founded a startup , has decided to change the situation by presenting racing fans on your drones an unmanned version of the aircraft — reports . The device differs from the usual small and nimble quadcopters size and power, weighs almost 30 pounds and can fly at speeds up to 160 kilometers per hour.

Length of the car is 120 inches, and she is very loud buzzing and effectively, just like a race car "Formulas-1". The developers believe that if drones make enough big, quick and noticeable, it is possible to attract to the races of such devices to more people, bringing the competition to a new level.

In order to control the drone, you do not need to have identity and to be special. Everything you need — skill and a little practice, so, according to Ballard, to participate in the competition can anyone.

However, about security and Freedom Class Giant Drone Racing is also thinking so, before to start series production of large and heavy drones, you need to consider every detail, because even small toy quadrocopter is able to cause the viewer injury, and the development of Ballard is hundreds of times more powerful than normal units.

Once everything is settled, the giant drone developers are going to have a contest. According to preliminary calculations, the event could take place this year.

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