SpaceX conducted the first test firing of a new engine for the Raptor ship Starship


2019-02-04 18:45:08




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The head of the company SpaceX via Twitter reported the first successful burn of the rocket engine Raptor that will be used in interplanetary spacecraft for missions to the moon and Mars. Previously, Musk said that the Raptor is in development for several years and during that time the engine has undergone serious changes.

Less than a month ago, Musk published in Twitter a photo of the assembled stainless steel spaceship model Starship set on the future site of the spaceport of the company in the village of Boca Chica (Texas). Later it was reported that the upper part of the test prototype of the new missile as a result of the hurricane. The incident may postpone a previously scheduled first test launch at a later date.

Testing the layout of the Starship will use three engines Raprot. In the full version of the booster is planned to use the seven engines.

"the First burn of the engine for the Raptor ship Starship! Proud of the great work of the team of SpaceX," Musk wrote on Twitter, reinforcing the message a few shots of the tests.

Recall that the spacecraft Starship is to be used for missions to the moon and then to Mars. The first manned flight of the apparatus around the moon is scheduled for 2023. The desire to become the first space tourist, Japanese businessman SpaceX Yusaku of Maezawa. He was given the right to independently select few people who can go to space travel with him.

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