Why I'm for total control, for your own safety?


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Why I'm for total control, for your own safety?

The World is changing rapidly before our eyes. What yesterday seemed impossible — today is a boring routine. I'm talking about the Internet, smartphones, satellite communications, GPS and more that literally burst into our lives on our memory. The young generation was born and can not imagine how to live without a cell phone. And those who are older with nostalgia «old days». However, to abandon the benefits of civilization, they are also not in a hurry. And I understand myself so. Well, who wants to deprive themselves of access to or order a heavy TV in online store with free home delivery? But all of these benefits ultimately create a digital footprint that you can learn about us if not all, almost all. And you do not even need a special. funds. Enough search engine and a brain. So maybe it's time all of these technologies to apply for the benefit of society in a national or global level? I wouldn't mind.

How to find information about any person

Today, when it comes to the privacy of citizens in almost any country of the world (with rare exceptions such as China, North Korea, etc.) society is divided into two camps. Some people do not see anything wrong with that, and overall advocate for social inclusion, others are strongly opposed, citing the Constitution, the laws, the right to private life and secrecy of correspondence. I understand the positions of both groups, but something tells me that «too late to drink Borjomi» and this question has already switched to another plane.

Now to become a detective can almost every student

Judge for yourself if the person is not specifically hiding from other people (for any reason), you can find the information about it can even a schoolboy. To do this, simply enter the details into Google and carefully study the results. Then we find his social networks, photos (often with a geo-tag), social circle (friends on FaceBook or Instagram). You can dig deeper and see friend activity, look for sharing photos, etc. In the end, after a couple of hours can be folded quite a complete picture about almost any modern man. Where he works, how many receives, what he enjoys, where to go on vacation, etc. In some cases, open sources can even find the address and credit card number.

is it Possible to protect yourself from surveillance

Is this collection of information does not violate privacy and personal life? Don't know, a moot point. On the one hand, all the information is in the public domain and accuse you that you get this information quite strange. On the other hand the person you have this information gathered could not give consent that this information was available. Of course, mainly from a legal point of view, finding fault is almost impossible. Almost any popular application or service has a privacy policy and it clearly stipulates that your data can do the service (almost all). But first, these documents were not widely read, and second, we as users do anything about it can not. Well, except that don't use Instagram, FaceBook, YouTube, Twitch, the list goes on. But we have already said, few people are ready for it.

Separately, there are people who for some reason are very sensitive to information that remains from them on the Internet. It could be criminals, politicians and businessmen, and ordinary people who want to keep their personal lives secret. In varying degrees they succeed. But let's be honest: if we much someone will need us, will find us. And I'm not talking about Russia, so shall it be in any country of the world. If you're not a drug dealer complying with a thousand precautions. But they find, as we know.

And what is the result? 90% of the population do not even think about the privacy of their data. What is this — the carelessness, stupidity, indifference? Probably a little of both. But the important thing is that today the data about his neighbor can get every comfort of home. The consequences of technology development, from which we will not give up.

How the government is watching us

Special. services and the police in all countries have access to all information. Even to that to which access by the average person is not. It may be spying on the mobile phone, and messages, texting, cameras and facial recognition, access cameras installed in your home and many other things. If needed, all these data will be obtained very quickly. You can arbitrarily to entertain the thought that my messenger safe or what I use secret chats with encryption, but it does not help. There are dozens of places where you can get information about you. And it get.

There is an important argument that cannot be ignored — this access to private data by third parties. Often people tend to accept the fact that their data is available to the police and specials. services, but don't want them flowed to the open access or they can be bought on the black market. Their doubts are understandable, but perhaps now it is not happening around the world? Happening. And sometimes to such an extent that it becomes noton your own. Almost every month we read the news that in some country, leaked credit card data of tens of thousands of customers or a database of intimate photos or something else. I think everyone understands that often the information is paid very good money to those who have access to it. And to get information on only one client, you can merge the data of thousands. So no one will suspect that the order was for a specific person. Variants and schemes of mass, so what's the point to fear what already is happening?

What's watching us?

And now, when we have finished with the peripheral, may have let technology work for our good? Total information control is already working in a gray area, but whether it is time to bring in the legal field? After all, besides the fact that such a system would effectively counter crime, still it can greatly help if that is happening now. You can use it to track potentially infected people and their contacts, places to visit and promptly take measures to contain. This was done in China and they won. And the whole world worse?

tracking System using cameras has proved its efficiency worldwide.

Why in Moscow so many cameras?

Today, camera in Moscow, established to sharpen every home. Those cameras that have entrances that are able to recognize a face, and those that stand on the roofs of houses intended exclusively for maintenance mode. Total control is already working, but we don't think about it. Today, to trace the movement of a person do not need to invent anything, everything is already invented for us. And the only limitation that is — this is a limitation of legislative. Now only a matter of time when it will be removed.

The Other side is total control — it is the rebuilding of human psychology. And this is perhaps even more important than the technical component of such systems. After all, if ordinary citizens (who were the majority in any country) know that the streets are being viewed, the identity is determined, the movement also established control — will they once again crossed the line of law? I'm talking about everyday things: speeding, running a red light, stealing in the streets or in stores, aggressive behavior in places of a mass congestion of people, etc. I Think that this will be in the tens if not hundreds of times less. A great experience in that we show the Scandinavian countries. In Sweden, the same people live so open that you can literally find out what gets paid a neighbor to find and free his income tax return. I exaggerate a little, but a little. In the social system, when all in the mind, any criminal component is sharply down.

Often perceived that such a system will keep track of which mistress you went or how much beer he drank, while wife thinks you're at work. But first: the wife of access to such information will not, and second, it may well then, this mistress?

It turns out that today the whole world breaks spears meanwhile, to make the regime of total control by an officially recognised or leave it in a gray area. But if it's already there and working, why not let technology work for the benefit of people, making our world more secure in every sense of the word?

I Believe that there are many who disagree with me. I invite you to comments to this article or our .

Total control is already there, don't be fooled


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